drove interstates highways bridges and
more halfway through texas he found
a truckstop whore with big blue eyes
more blue than his he paid her they
did it then he paid her again

costly/deadly for thee poor/weak/sweet
woman running hopelessly through the street
towards the dark end of the street offering
fools gold leaf left her right on red free to
the public rushing panicked momentum
by far way more faster than normal abortion

moral issue:vote yes/no sometimes baby must go
drughabit/rape embryo addicted to crack/smack/blow
all should never suffer fear not...too bad you can't
always get what you want...mother bleeds her positive
blood she would have a bastard baby disease ridden and
hooked on drugs have a look your retarded son

nothing especially a human deserves to flip-flop around
shit on you or itself and make some weird sudden sounds
arms twitch legs kick fingers stick themselves up noses
urine runs as if coming from hoses snot sucked and snorted
flipped and flung it surely isn't something that i find amusing or funny
i would certainly help if i had a large amount of money

bees in the grass bound to get stung going barefoot
window he looks through gets as hot as the sun
evil thoughts of heartbreaking kind w/ decisions to be made
out of thin air or a catalog that sells the one you need
one size fits all not always true the world has kids bigger than you

shoot the short

i'm glad you are uphere/downthere for me...
that is why i turn and spin to you dear one
because i trust you...and give ultra thanks
i'm a little sorry for not sounding thought-
fool it's hard to hear my tone of voice in a
email ...if you would have..what..have heard
me we wouldn't have reached this level of
misunderstanding...so don't worry too much
just lay back there babes ol' twang's gonna
whip out the ol' ding a ling...what's that
babes i cun't hear your sweet read lips
twang i said hold up on that ol' ding a ling
you gotsta get down town w/ ye olde
cunnilingus...so he did...later,she swallowed

sucks that you didn't go.
you missed one hell of a good time
and a great rawk show...even the first
band was good. i had to go up alone..
but i had some pot and a couple of
highlifes to keep me company. did
you go to my house for the party..
i bet it was lame and filled w/
youngsters right? just a guess...
anyway do you remember that
blonde girl that was at the
dame a of couple weeks ago...the hot one!
w/curly hair...she had on the polka dots.
i forget her name..she was at mmj.
what is her name..and story if you know it.
is she married? where does she work?
i'm writing a book about her....i wanna know.
i called you a bitch on sat...after i heard you
were not going...i'm over it now,
sound as never



pause rewind fast forward
fast free delivery built to last
count them if you like it's all
there rotting teeth bite into
raw meat frozen for years

tears dropped free fall moments
captured by a camera lens not
focusing on the real subject
audio video rodeo deluxe
dreams crushed folded in half

price shelves full of fake selves
plastic parts are off the charts
rivers take the grief left with
three headed frogs skin bubbles
beware beware for the time will

come when all we have done
turns lovely somethings into
lifeless nothings no drum and
bass failing human race no heroes
around above below between

ground into a bloody pulp free
glass of torture can you feel it
file it under progressive radioactive
bump bump bump in the night
wakes the folks afraid of the light

smoothering kisses like gravy
the news is never good even so
noone is eager to hear the swell
rain pour shock us now we want
more and more whispers heard

turns out it wasn't true even after
fact in over our heads rolling
smoothered covered and buttered
bread is cash dough is cash
money is power those that have

it keep it and bitch about the
poor places help them you idiot
don't buy gold and platinum
how about food and clothes for
starving kids with crackhead folks

dogs bark for a bite to eat while
we throw out more than we need
it's a big decline down down down
who's in charge we all know a fuckin

moron from texas with lots of dough
god if you exist please make sure
this anti-christ exits the building
vote him out get him the hell out
of here...please



hometown friends are just that
hometown never been never will
sometimes funny mostly dicks
for they know nothing stupid hicks

they are clueless and seem to like it
which mullet is longer which engine
is stronger hell mine is a fuckin
double pumper shoot mines a 454

runnin on goddam jet fuel you
fuckin pussy i can take you let's
get it on not today i gotta clean
my carbs for i can do any racin'

i'll catch ya later then you sumabitch
next time i don't wanna hear any
stinkin cuses' you hear me boy
hometown boys with hometown toys

the city would laugh at them yet
they have no fear cus they ain't skeered
i'm so tired of listening to them
four on the floor pedal to the metal



a pair a pear two peers per
a square no care doesn't matter
relentless pondering forgotten recipes
wrong ones and twos figuring matter

versus matter equals i don't know
destiny fairly important really not
life ultra threatening semi breathless
like rocks softened not really

still always begging for everything happy
with vengeance ready to rock slide rock
roll cut choke sandpaper volumes of
sandpaper abundance indeed raincoat provided

almost everyone subsided for sale four sail
big deal go to gel better when i met her
four fours for sales free at four ball swing
fore plus fore is two hits golf flog

its a game and a name for a somewhat sport
this tea bag surrenders piece be with ewe
peace be with you smack on the wrist
two fisted twist and a very bad lisp



the sun is up now
i watched the night
come and go and gone
new kittens drink mothers
milk cold still air in the

thoughts and hearts of all
the sleeping babies dreaming
broken bottles cut through
raspy voiced lies spilling
into the street lights glare

jet engines above convey
trips into the future race
to the finish just at the end
it is then time to turn back
collect your things and meet

me at gates of a forgotten
address the package sent
far from here to unknown
territory squandered useless
and abandoned pictures hanging

ever so slightly to the left
torn form the pages of a book
noone has nor will ever read
sacrifices are made to no avail

but are avaliable for the low low
price of free to move about
the captain has turned of the
seatbelt sign on the dotted
line up and and stay there forever


my my how they have come and gone
only the memories linger on and on
which one was right which was wrong
was it my fault or was it hers
my heart is bruised from such beating

when will it heal and quit this seathing
she was the one atleast i thought so
then the quick decision to let me go
o how it hurt like never before
i kept telling myself she's just a whore

she had others she wanted to see
that didn't leave any space for me
my humility has been on going
with no intent of ever slowing
i used to think i deserved it all

all great things must take a fall
patience is key and i am locked
my heart is broken and very shocked
someone will come a lovely one indeed
i'll forget the rest she will rescue me

the good thing is now i know what to do
treat her like an angel lose thoughts of you
soon the past will not make me sad
i'll have the best i have ever had

so if you are out there here i am
waiting pateintly for your hand
i'll hold it tight and never let go
i have two tickets lets go to the show


smothering in a bath of
frozen time hooked to several
crooked thoughts arrested
together like a pair of mismatched

shoes thrown in the back of the
mouth of the first person you can
think of perhaps they are dead
or living in solitude and seeing

everyone only in the mirror
blown up on contact suffering
from it all the time thinking and
never minding the violence that

is placed upon the alter of nothingness
pretend we do to feel the pain
not me i could care less
i have my own self inflicted pain

they have drugs for this
yes and they to are a pain
they get old like everything
it gets easier to swallow