my my how they have come and gone
only the memories linger on and on
which one was right which was wrong
was it my fault or was it hers
my heart is bruised from such beating

when will it heal and quit this seathing
she was the one atleast i thought so
then the quick decision to let me go
o how it hurt like never before
i kept telling myself she's just a whore

she had others she wanted to see
that didn't leave any space for me
my humility has been on going
with no intent of ever slowing
i used to think i deserved it all

all great things must take a fall
patience is key and i am locked
my heart is broken and very shocked
someone will come a lovely one indeed
i'll forget the rest she will rescue me

the good thing is now i know what to do
treat her like an angel lose thoughts of you
soon the past will not make me sad
i'll have the best i have ever had

so if you are out there here i am
waiting pateintly for your hand
i'll hold it tight and never let go
i have two tickets lets go to the show


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