the sun is up now
i watched the night
come and go and gone
new kittens drink mothers
milk cold still air in the

thoughts and hearts of all
the sleeping babies dreaming
broken bottles cut through
raspy voiced lies spilling
into the street lights glare

jet engines above convey
trips into the future race
to the finish just at the end
it is then time to turn back
collect your things and meet

me at gates of a forgotten
address the package sent
far from here to unknown
territory squandered useless
and abandoned pictures hanging

ever so slightly to the left
torn form the pages of a book
noone has nor will ever read
sacrifices are made to no avail

but are avaliable for the low low
price of free to move about
the captain has turned of the
seatbelt sign on the dotted
line up and and stay there forever


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