sucks that you didn't go.
you missed one hell of a good time
and a great rawk show...even the first
band was good. i had to go up alone..
but i had some pot and a couple of
highlifes to keep me company. did
you go to my house for the party..
i bet it was lame and filled w/
youngsters right? just a guess...
anyway do you remember that
blonde girl that was at the
dame a of couple weeks ago...the hot one!
w/curly hair...she had on the polka dots.
i forget her name..she was at mmj.
what is her name..and story if you know it.
is she married? where does she work?
i'm writing a book about her....i wanna know.
i called you a bitch on sat...after i heard you
were not going...i'm over it now,
sound as never


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