pause rewind fast forward
fast free delivery built to last
count them if you like it's all
there rotting teeth bite into
raw meat frozen for years

tears dropped free fall moments
captured by a camera lens not
focusing on the real subject
audio video rodeo deluxe
dreams crushed folded in half

price shelves full of fake selves
plastic parts are off the charts
rivers take the grief left with
three headed frogs skin bubbles
beware beware for the time will

come when all we have done
turns lovely somethings into
lifeless nothings no drum and
bass failing human race no heroes
around above below between

ground into a bloody pulp free
glass of torture can you feel it
file it under progressive radioactive
bump bump bump in the night
wakes the folks afraid of the light

smoothering kisses like gravy
the news is never good even so
noone is eager to hear the swell
rain pour shock us now we want
more and more whispers heard

turns out it wasn't true even after
fact in over our heads rolling
smoothered covered and buttered
bread is cash dough is cash
money is power those that have

it keep it and bitch about the
poor places help them you idiot
don't buy gold and platinum
how about food and clothes for
starving kids with crackhead folks

dogs bark for a bite to eat while
we throw out more than we need
it's a big decline down down down
who's in charge we all know a fuckin

moron from texas with lots of dough
god if you exist please make sure
this anti-christ exits the building
vote him out get him the hell out
of here...please


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