my wit has reached an all time high. the kind of wit that should be shared with the world. i'm normally not a bingo player, but yesterday i was.... i'm not at all afraid of new people-places and situations....as a matter of fact.. i seek out and enjoy all of the different subcultures..and all of the subcultures of those subcultures. meanwhile at the bingo hall..... while each letter was called i listened for anything/something i could create from the moment-something to break the monotony-something to kill some time (bingo lasts 4 hours)..... it started with B-4 (before) then B-14 (before teen is adolescence)- I-27(was my age)-B-12 (is a vitamin. this vitamin contains a metal,cobalt. it is called cyanocobalamin and extrinsic factor, and is needed for the efficient production of blood cells and for the health of the nervous system. only small amounts of B-12 are required for the body.the activity of this vitamin is associated with that of another B vitamin, folic acid)-N-2 (into)-N-8 (innate) O...and the O's sound as if you are longing for or praising them. O(ooohhhhh)-14 (O for teen 18 & 19 only)... my thoughts on the bingo experience: they had good hot dogs-)-N-2 (into)-N-8 (innate) and any of the numbers that start with O...can sound as if you are longing for or praising them. O(ooohhhhh)-14 (oohhh for teen...18 & 19 only) what just happened?... my final thoughts on the bingo experience: they had good hot dogs-chili-and cheeseburgers-lousy ventilation (smoking cigs/pipes is a favorite among many of the bingo-ers)...near the halfway point my attention span had nearly reached it's limit..during a break in the action... i slipped out to my car for a few tokes of icky sticky cheeba reefer pot weed mary jane cannabis bud grass marijuana marihuana it calmed me down for the rest of the game and then some. thee one hundred-fifty-seven dollars i took home from playing the pulltabs made it all worth while....my favorite aunt rosie (a widow) even paid my way in and gave me twenty bucks to blow-by-blow. i didn't even take a dime..nor a dollar w/me... sometimes i get lucky in kentucky.........

later on...in the wee hours of the night on into the morning...while battling insomnia and watching the boob-tube/small screen/televison... i came across the new(not improved) star search w/arsenio hall (who's been picked on enough..so i'm leaving him alone) as the host. the contestants were children w/a fair amount of talent (i sure as hell couldn't do what they did...good job kids and good luck) ..they however are not my target....it's the judges i'm after.... ben stein (win his money)-naomi judd (is hotter than one of her daughters)-nick carter (former backstreet boy/paris hilton's latest love pole-porn co-star) his brother aaron carter (whom credits journey's steve perry as one of his greatest influences...enough said) and some other woman (i can't remember her name) she didn't annoy me...so i let her off the hook. if you are familiar with the judds (naomi (53) & wynonna (40)-were both born in ashland kentucky.. funny thing...i was born in the same hospital (king's daughters medical center) as them naomi has hepititisC-used to be a nurse-wynonna-her real name is christina claire-her shoe size is ate-she also credits steve(not good) perry as a great influence-recently got a DUI)... they(the judds) have a song entitled "love can build a bridge" blah..blah..blah. (love hurts) i would love for naomi to build that bridge (i'll pay for it w/the money i won from ben stien).... a very tall bridge w/rocks-boulders-and a canyon below.... then we force (w/a 9mm) ben stein to push those fucking carter boys (aaron goes first...while journey (they get pushed over too) plays) over the side. naomi and ben can live on one condition...they have to continue being judges on star search for the rest of their lives....or until they find someone who is truly a star.. meanwhile....mainstream music (which usually sucks) would be a much better/real experience if those kind of performers/posers/users would just go away or be pushed off of tall bridges. it pisses me off to no end....that they call themselves artists..:( where? & what? is the/their art?...... perhaps it is the art of: being a dipped in shit loser-letting someone else write your songs-pick out your clothes-do your hairdo-getting bad tattoos (especially jessica (whom needs an ass and a nosejob-has two giant super fake/white teeth-is she really that stupid? yes) simpson's husband and former boy band (98 degrees member nick lachey/lackey (he hates that) waxing their ass-doing stupid/boring/old/easy/dull dance moves-being a commodity-a pedophile-becoming a ken like doll-appearing on lunchboxes/tiger-beat & teen-beat covers-perfecting cluelessness-tarnishing/ruining/disgracing music history forever-wa$ting money/time (think of all the folk$ they could have helped...in$tead their ca$h i$ $pent on frivolou$ bull$hit...like gold diamonds platinum -$uv$-clothe$-give back...die backstreet and all that is similar. their so many great artists making music today: WILCO WHEELHORSE NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL SOMETHING FOR ROCKETS PALACE bros MY MORNING JACKET Cody ChestnuTT Jim O'rourke Will OLDHAM TORTOISE MODEST MOUSE KARATE THE SEA AND CAKE FLAMING LIPS JANDEK WOMB SHITTERS THE POP SMARTS AUDIO PAINTERS BIG FRESH :are some bands/individuals that should be on the radio
instead of the shite this is....we need global enlightenment...now>

um do you know ashley's email address?
> i saw her the other night too...
> she probably thinks i don't like her
> or something...i just wasn't
> talking...i hate talking during
> liveloud music...first you miss the
> music talking then once you tell someone
> something they ask you to repeat it
> cuz they couldn't fucking hear you,...
> then you have to yell...anyway
> tell her i still love her
> ...i'm sure i'll
> make up for it one day....
> god now that would be fuckin
> cool you ashley other girl and
> me in a big makeoutsession....
> otherwise known as a moresome wait
> that is a foursome...more than four
> is a moresome iguess..i dunno
> ok
> buy

Message to outer Space:

the openings oozed forth a viscous substance
smelled like nothing was something radio
active she's attractive if she only had more
confidence she could put a few dents in
things we put in the landfill day after day

i hate underwear
under where?
under there!
when i was little i wore
the briefs... then in high school
i thought i could be cool
i wore boxers for a few years
they would get bunched up
however they did allow my crouch to....
get hot and uncomfortable
not good during nice weather
so now i'm free as a bird
no undies for me


dear mom,

you're a real saint to put up
with all the obnoxious-unhealthy
unsafe-insensitive things that i
do...but remember, it's only a
phase i'm going through...
....called life.


written/sent to me in
response to something
eye wrote by:some fake name

dear mister felton grimball,
something about waves that i wrote:

spiced desires
of imaginary herbs
apposing the wave
of structured flow
tingel the brain
and burn the skin
with ancient stardust
from a cosmic volume
at the summit of the rainbow
ground zero is unclear
with feet on the dashboard
the hands don't steer
donuts in the parking lot
of my brain's thin skin
guidlines broken, become defined
realistic picture of your design

written by my muse: j.vincent


love broken clean
with all it's amputations attached
fused and flaccid like my frame feels
some dead stump of some old memory
with the songs to sting the heart
full of the hard heat of hate
inside it all and alive... again.
just the same as we feel
when we put each other in the ground
lucky and ashamed to still be puffing along
even if powerless to prevent the potion
or it's preparations... from coming to pass
another dream for this awake hour
full of the intolerable repetitions required
all sirens, screams, and selfishness
snorting for our souls
shining out from some shellaced shell
and stinking with the worthless sorrow
we all have been sold...
as our new gold


big swell

life goes in waves
very rarely do i
catch a tube
wipeouts happen
often in
my ocean
wipeouts are better
than sharkbites
quit surfing
3rd bar


burn tingle burn

i slept through yesterday
and most of today....no
i don't particularly like it that way
but sleeping helps ease the pain
some how some way it tricks the brain

i have diabetes which
can do a number on limbs
my feet burn tingle burn to no end
shots of insulin twice a day
are supposed to make it all go away

nothing works not even
the hardest of things
i just get addicted to them
weed seems to subside it
doctors don't prescribe it
i still buy it

i say sharpen the blade when
he says we will eventually
have to chop them off
i'll get a motorized wheelchair
orange w/ high gloss

unless of course clear is an option
then i could watch all of the parts in action
burning tingling breaking down
coming within a fraction

the few who care
might be wondering
has he lost his mind is he out of his head
what is this crazy shit about being dead
should we worry is this a cry for help
i say no...for it is far too easy to kill thyself

i invite death to come...
at any moment
in the meantime....
i'll rise to the sun or moon
i like them equally

once again i apologize to those
that might worry...no need for that
for i never seem to get what i want
until then writing is the cure


the sweetest...she is

You are still my #1 muse. I am working toward being more myself, more expressive, letting myself be all I am and in that way I admire you because you are Stevie, you are a creative artistic dynamo, a force, it flows through you, your _expression is authentic, honest, you are in touch with how you feel in every moment, whether it is totally despairing or elated and buzzing with inspiration. That is why your art rocks. Great artists are born not being able to turn down the intensity of their feelings(leading to much abuse of alcohol and drugs), it is probably damn uncomfortable,maddening, miserable but you end up inspiring others to be more and to see the world in a better more imaginative way. So keep on keepin on. I love you Stevie because you are you. T-bomb


when you are alone
noone can hurt you

the roof is leaking
dropping drops of water
rhythm yes audience one
fresh flows overloads the already
unknown you never know how
they/it will react

being nice makes matters worse
for it must be the nice that suffer
the curse friends they might say that
they are when truth be known you
will be left alone it's my fault for being
naive open supportive and easy to please

friendship is a business to some to
be bought and sold to find a sum
cowards they are as they stand behind
lies buried right behind the black eyes
polish your doom and get out the broom
to sweep the unwanted and bothersome
to the curb let someone else take their place

for it is a large world and many things come
and go some make us sad and some don't
whatever that is life and we must live it
some deserve forgiveness the rest forget em'
burn some bridges then build others

the phone just rang a sweet/soothing voice
calms the soul after treacherous trembles
one of the few that can be trusted speaks
barely a moment goes by days into weeks
sleep awake over and over again do it until
you are done then who knows what is next...



good thing I'm not into guns or hunting. if i ever decide to off myself
it will be a much bigger and a well thought out ordeal. i'm talking primetime, cnn, fox, msnbc, helicopters, vans, satellites, reporters, magazines, newspapers.....a media frenzy/blitz. don't worry dear it will not happen soon....until then I beg you to pretty please keep it a secret or I'll cut off your titties and phone privileges...I mean it young lady! i wrote some

lovely words on friendster about how darling you are. are you? i wanted to be a slight bit mean, not terribly mean just overly sarcastic... then i assumed, figured, thought, and even worried that folks couldn't/wouldn't get all of our inside jokes...i didn't want them to think of me as a giant arsehole. i had such a stellar weekend i'm not sure where the sudden urge? came from...i suppose some things just can't be explained.

the broad i madeout w/ saturday isn't the same chick i rounded first w/ friday...both girls were super sexy swell and certainly made for groovy times.
it was almost as funtastic as the night i took a couple of strippers back to my apartment and thee three of us had a marathon makeout session. we were in makeout city and i was the mayor. it was also just as exciting as smooching two girls within minutes of each other. a while back at the icehouse during a

post-beaux arts02 party i was breakin' it down w/ ;) honey. then the ol' bladder became full, so i said baby wait right here..i'll be right back. well while i was in line for the urinal....Suddenly thee lovely hot lady in front of me grabbed my arm and pulled me in with her. she began to pee... after what seemed like an eternity of "stagefright" i finally got the pee out too. i zipped my jeans, turned towards the door...before i could get out the door and back

to honey waiting on the dancefloor bathroom hottie put the ol' lip lock on me. i thought i was dreaming as we stood there tongue wrestling.. only a few seconds and it was over.. some yanker banged on the door- they probably had to piss pretty bad.. anyway bathroom hottie left immediately i never saw her again. i headed back to the dance floor to get my kiss on w/ honey . two by two double your pleasure double your fun...anywho it made for a grand time... of course it isn't always grand! or grand wouldn't be so grand...well i'm going going gone now i hope all is well i'll talk to you soon see you on the moon keep smilin' and stay pretty