burn tingle burn

i slept through yesterday
and most of today....no
i don't particularly like it that way
but sleeping helps ease the pain
some how some way it tricks the brain

i have diabetes which
can do a number on limbs
my feet burn tingle burn to no end
shots of insulin twice a day
are supposed to make it all go away

nothing works not even
the hardest of things
i just get addicted to them
weed seems to subside it
doctors don't prescribe it
i still buy it

i say sharpen the blade when
he says we will eventually
have to chop them off
i'll get a motorized wheelchair
orange w/ high gloss

unless of course clear is an option
then i could watch all of the parts in action
burning tingling breaking down
coming within a fraction

the few who care
might be wondering
has he lost his mind is he out of his head
what is this crazy shit about being dead
should we worry is this a cry for help
i say no...for it is far too easy to kill thyself

i invite death to come...
at any moment
in the meantime....
i'll rise to the sun or moon
i like them equally

once again i apologize to those
that might worry...no need for that
for i never seem to get what i want
until then writing is the cure


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