good thing I'm not into guns or hunting. if i ever decide to off myself
it will be a much bigger and a well thought out ordeal. i'm talking primetime, cnn, fox, msnbc, helicopters, vans, satellites, reporters, magazines, newspapers.....a media frenzy/blitz. don't worry dear it will not happen soon....until then I beg you to pretty please keep it a secret or I'll cut off your titties and phone privileges...I mean it young lady! i wrote some

lovely words on friendster about how darling you are. are you? i wanted to be a slight bit mean, not terribly mean just overly sarcastic... then i assumed, figured, thought, and even worried that folks couldn't/wouldn't get all of our inside jokes...i didn't want them to think of me as a giant arsehole. i had such a stellar weekend i'm not sure where the sudden urge? came from...i suppose some things just can't be explained.

the broad i madeout w/ saturday isn't the same chick i rounded first w/ friday...both girls were super sexy swell and certainly made for groovy times.
it was almost as funtastic as the night i took a couple of strippers back to my apartment and thee three of us had a marathon makeout session. we were in makeout city and i was the mayor. it was also just as exciting as smooching two girls within minutes of each other. a while back at the icehouse during a

post-beaux arts02 party i was breakin' it down w/ ;) honey. then the ol' bladder became full, so i said baby wait right here..i'll be right back. well while i was in line for the urinal....Suddenly thee lovely hot lady in front of me grabbed my arm and pulled me in with her. she began to pee... after what seemed like an eternity of "stagefright" i finally got the pee out too. i zipped my jeans, turned towards the door...before i could get out the door and back

to honey waiting on the dancefloor bathroom hottie put the ol' lip lock on me. i thought i was dreaming as we stood there tongue wrestling.. only a few seconds and it was over.. some yanker banged on the door- they probably had to piss pretty bad.. anyway bathroom hottie left immediately i never saw her again. i headed back to the dance floor to get my kiss on w/ honey . two by two double your pleasure double your fun...anywho it made for a grand time... of course it isn't always grand! or grand wouldn't be so grand...well i'm going going gone now i hope all is well i'll talk to you soon see you on the moon keep smilin' and stay pretty


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