when you are alone
noone can hurt you

the roof is leaking
dropping drops of water
rhythm yes audience one
fresh flows overloads the already
unknown you never know how
they/it will react

being nice makes matters worse
for it must be the nice that suffer
the curse friends they might say that
they are when truth be known you
will be left alone it's my fault for being
naive open supportive and easy to please

friendship is a business to some to
be bought and sold to find a sum
cowards they are as they stand behind
lies buried right behind the black eyes
polish your doom and get out the broom
to sweep the unwanted and bothersome
to the curb let someone else take their place

for it is a large world and many things come
and go some make us sad and some don't
whatever that is life and we must live it
some deserve forgiveness the rest forget em'
burn some bridges then build others

the phone just rang a sweet/soothing voice
calms the soul after treacherous trembles
one of the few that can be trusted speaks
barely a moment goes by days into weeks
sleep awake over and over again do it until
you are done then who knows what is next...


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