do not trust

Rain on my parade know whey
the per raid is cancelled dew
two the over bearing folks
inn the front office knowing
watt is good fore them and
bad for thee rest of them

I remember when it was easy
the girls were sleazy and the
drinks were free to the first
few in the door locked tight
through out the night posted
on the wall no more non-cents

back up you fool stop pretending
you like the ending bending
two and four are even numbers
broken worn out in a slumber
we sail only the best lumber
wood would be gone if not for

a few or more a whore a bore
through like a term might
be over if it wasn't for
sure a miserable existence
on the floor of a prison
laughed at and slapped like the
horse on derby day poor thing

I fill sorry to the top overflowing
non-stop protruding in several different
directions erections for you one and
three are odd numbers struggling to
keep up with the rest I can't take it
anymore what is the difference what
is the truth tell us speak when spoken
two of them already for death

beneath us they spoke as they choked
on a cock a doodle do what the fuck
this is a zoo with problems not normal
not of this whirled planet humans are
animals we show it everyday survival of
the fittest does pertain to the guilty

yet still they survive behind guns and
camo and a altered mind nothing that
has not been done before except this time
it's on camera say cheese and ignore
the world is coming to an end lets just
hope it is televised so we can see our demise


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