each hit

worthless words nouns and verbs
fish man bear flying birds of
pray for they will not be
answered at least not yet
not till you get your feel

nothingness is something void
apparent thoughtful and romantic
until you get her drunk then
she is a real show off turn
on turn up take it off take it out

she will do what ever you ask
so that is when i asked her
to take off her mask put the
cape on instead now stand in
the corner on top of your head

this sounds strange and filthy
clean up the mess and then make
another try to avoid an arrogant
lover choice wise inside out
put it on the front burner


cease thought process

senseless banter chicken
scratch blender smooth
velvety congestion much
like all of the others

ruined by the sweet smell
of harmonious interruptions
thinking only of your shelf
all the books you have on

it that you have never
laid eyes on not even fingers
could stop me from telling
you what i really think

did you just wink at me
i can't believe you did that
where is the truth in that
i mean come on down and

get you some half price
second one free or of equal
value means nothing when
the worth is gone like a

wind moved by another wind
pressure from all sides
intertwine and drink your wine
stop your whine and leave me

alone or perhaps you could
find someone to take your
place amongst the piles of ashes
burnt sienna is a fancy name for
a shade of brown you are wrong

how dare you sting me it made
my finger swell i could barely
breath the fresh well fairly
fresh air blowing my hair

into my mouth like it wanted
to feed me like the mother cat
feeds her kittens milk me
for i have no milk


well well it has been a few days. i had my art show. it turned out much better than i thought it would. of course i always expect the worse, so that i am never let down too hard...i'm that way because of past experiences. anyway i'm very thankful to my friends that bought something from me. thanks to all the ladies for looking so lovely. i hope i held up my end of the deal. so a lot of people showed up....it was great getting the praise for a bit. i saw a couple of folks that seemed to not like my shit. those are the ones that intrigue me. what and why do they not like it. many answers come to mind. the best being they are just moronic. yeah that's right if you saw it and didn't like it you are a moron. so what kick my ass. take my girlfriend..that i don't even have....you can even spit on me...you will still be a moron. more on being the center of attention. it's just weird and kind of new to me and i think i like it and could probably get used to it. all of the ass kissers genomes talkers buyers writers nice people and then you have the other artists. their are two kinds of artists....the ones who are jealous of you and then the ones whom don't feel threatened by you. those are the folks whom end up being your friends. Hell it's that way in most everything. i'm sure it happens to all of you...cus i know you are all better at your respective Fields than all the rats you are up against. what a rant. perhaps i should stop for now. i'm starting to drift and i just can't type fast enough to keep up with my thoughts...which at best are out of order. well i hope you have a wonderful day. you are the only you.


not much has happened lately..nothing newsworthy at least. i did get off of a certain drug that started what could have been my demise. thanks to my family friends and doctors for their support. i had forgotten what it felt like to feel normal. now after several days of withdraws i'm finally on the other side. in the midst of my drug induced haze i did manage to finish and hang my latest art show. if you are in the lexington ky area and plan on attending the gallery hop(june18) please come to my show. it is at the ivos gallery(across from the rosebud) as a bonus we will be offering free beer(unsure of brand). i think someone is spinning records as well...plus i'm going to show one of my videos along with my paintings. enough about beer and art. so i went to my eleventh year reunion. while it was fairly fun nothing really spectacular occurred. "best sex ever penny" the girl i wanted to see didn't show up. however i did manage to make out with another lovely classmate. she told me i had the "johnny depp look" so i was a sucker. i mean shit to even be mentioned in the same sentence as him is an honor. i took it with a grain of salt knowing that i look nothing like johnny. still though it made me feel good about myself. speaking of that...just as i suspected the cool guys then were all fat and nearly bald. all the cool girls were fat and had kids and fat bald husbands. i got really drunk and made the best of it. all in all it was a good time....good for my self-esteem too...which was and is always in need of a little boost. other than that not much else going on in my world. i'm ready to fall in love again.


The following piece was written by first graders for Cinderella Around the World.

"Cinderella Skeleton"

Now that Cinderella Skeleton and Prince Charnal were happy in their kingdom, they danced all night, every night after dinner. Cinderella Skeleton soon had a baby girl. They named her Skela. Skela was cute and she liked to play. Her favorite game was “Break Off the Leg” where they would snap off her leg, just like what happened to Cinderella Skeleton. Then they would tie it back on and tickle her feet. Since she was a skeleton baby, her leg healed easily. Skela also liked to play with flowers, like the one that Cinderella Skeleton wore on her head. She dressed up in her mother’s dresses too. Skela liked to sleep, since she was just a baby. Cinderella Skeleton and Prince Charnal loved Skela. And she loved her family too. The stayed together in the kingdom forever.


A Sturm exhibition of his new style in mid-1919, which showed his abstract Merz works and some whimsical 'Dada drawings' (such as The Heart goes from Sugar to Coffee) caused a furore among the critics, as did his 'Anna Blume' poem published in the same year. Schwitters thrived on public opposition, and from 1919 to 1923 he created a succession of Merz pictures which are now seen as his greatest contribution to twentieth century art. These pictures carry an inner tension that derives from the sensitive juxtaposition of abstraction and realism, aesthetics and rubbish, art and life, and their innate dynamism is one of the characteristics of Merz. Schwitters stands alone in the consummate mastery of colour, the delicate balance of content and form and the intricate interplay of coarse and filigree displayed in Merzbild Rossfett; the almost minimalist Revolving, using the barest of materials, conveys a mysterious shadowy rotating cosmos extending far beyond the bounds of the frame: in Construction for Noble Ladies, the precarious equilibrium of the disparate elements is stabilised only by the side-on portrait of Schwitters' angelic and long-suffering wife Helma.