cease thought process

senseless banter chicken
scratch blender smooth
velvety congestion much
like all of the others

ruined by the sweet smell
of harmonious interruptions
thinking only of your shelf
all the books you have on

it that you have never
laid eyes on not even fingers
could stop me from telling
you what i really think

did you just wink at me
i can't believe you did that
where is the truth in that
i mean come on down and

get you some half price
second one free or of equal
value means nothing when
the worth is gone like a

wind moved by another wind
pressure from all sides
intertwine and drink your wine
stop your whine and leave me

alone or perhaps you could
find someone to take your
place amongst the piles of ashes
burnt sienna is a fancy name for
a shade of brown you are wrong

how dare you sting me it made
my finger swell i could barely
breath the fresh well fairly
fresh air blowing my hair

into my mouth like it wanted
to feed me like the mother cat
feeds her kittens milk me
for i have no milk


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