The following piece was written by first graders for Cinderella Around the World.

"Cinderella Skeleton"

Now that Cinderella Skeleton and Prince Charnal were happy in their kingdom, they danced all night, every night after dinner. Cinderella Skeleton soon had a baby girl. They named her Skela. Skela was cute and she liked to play. Her favorite game was “Break Off the Leg” where they would snap off her leg, just like what happened to Cinderella Skeleton. Then they would tie it back on and tickle her feet. Since she was a skeleton baby, her leg healed easily. Skela also liked to play with flowers, like the one that Cinderella Skeleton wore on her head. She dressed up in her mother’s dresses too. Skela liked to sleep, since she was just a baby. Cinderella Skeleton and Prince Charnal loved Skela. And she loved her family too. The stayed together in the kingdom forever.


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