not much has happened lately..nothing newsworthy at least. i did get off of a certain drug that started what could have been my demise. thanks to my family friends and doctors for their support. i had forgotten what it felt like to feel normal. now after several days of withdraws i'm finally on the other side. in the midst of my drug induced haze i did manage to finish and hang my latest art show. if you are in the lexington ky area and plan on attending the gallery hop(june18) please come to my show. it is at the ivos gallery(across from the rosebud) as a bonus we will be offering free beer(unsure of brand). i think someone is spinning records as well...plus i'm going to show one of my videos along with my paintings. enough about beer and art. so i went to my eleventh year reunion. while it was fairly fun nothing really spectacular occurred. "best sex ever penny" the girl i wanted to see didn't show up. however i did manage to make out with another lovely classmate. she told me i had the "johnny depp look" so i was a sucker. i mean shit to even be mentioned in the same sentence as him is an honor. i took it with a grain of salt knowing that i look nothing like johnny. still though it made me feel good about myself. speaking of that...just as i suspected the cool guys then were all fat and nearly bald. all the cool girls were fat and had kids and fat bald husbands. i got really drunk and made the best of it. all in all it was a good time....good for my self-esteem too...which was and is always in need of a little boost. other than that not much else going on in my world. i'm ready to fall in love again.


Blogger t said...

enjoy yourself

8:15 AM  
Blogger Le Lion said...

glad youre okay.
glad you made out.
youre better than johnny depp.

4:36 PM  
Blogger j.CEe VEe said...

(LOVE?!?)are you ready to get killed up inside again too? cause that is what they are going to do my friend... without a second thought about it... find something else to take up your time... like comic books or porno or saltine crackers or those huhe orange circus peanuts... mmmh circus peanuts... j#3

12:32 PM  

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