goodnight john man!  goodnight sissy!

well things have come full circle since my entry about the coal miner's daughter.  for the past few months i have made it a point to stay awake for 24 hours at least once a week.  i'm trying to see how sleep deprivation effects my paintings(that is yet to be determined).  i usually paint from midnight to sunrise.  i got up yesterday at noon and i've been up ever since .  anyway... while i'm painting i watch/listen to the television.  i start running out of things to watch/listen when the beloved late night w/conan goes off the air.  between 2am and 5am it's slim pickins'... i watched the o'reilly factor and a couple other right wing news shows on the fox network.  why am i watching these shows? because you must know thy enemy.  plus between all the bullshit they say sometimes they make some good points.  finally.. the right wingers went off and i turned it to the tv land network.  one of my all time favs macguyver was on...after that bonanza...after that was the waltons.  that is when things came full circle.  sissy spacek(before she played loretta lynn) was on the waltons.  wouldn't you know she played a young pregnant country girl.  she hadn't developed that country accent as well as she had for loretta, but you could see how it was all coming together.  so john boy went up to this cabin to write and found her there pregnant and hiding from her momma.  wouldn't you know she went into labor and john boy delivered her illegitimate baby for her.  they didn't show the cord being cut, but later on i saw a bowie knife on john boy's belt.  he had delivered so many farm animals that he was a natural when it came to birthing.  in the end john boy took sarah jean(sissy) to meet up w/her momma and they both left w/smiles.  after some research... turns out sissy was on the waltons twice.  a couple of her lines that stood out were: "when are you gonna stop being john boy and start being john man?" and "life idn't like the movies john boy..nothing like em" ....hard to imagine that sweet little girl went on to be carrie!   


Once upon a time, there was 8-track porn

Yes, once, in the days before VHS and when Playboy was considered unspeakably vile and dirty, there was porn on 8-track. No, there was no video, it was only the sounds of people having sex.

last night I watched coal miner's daughter.  I've seen it many times and still watch it everytime it's on the television.  anyway as I was watching it.... I realized for the first time that loretta's daddy in the movie was played by none other than levon helm. For those of you who don't know who Mr. Helm is...Well he is the drummer/singer for THE BAND. They used to be bob dylan's band before they went on to become THE BAND.  anyway...so not only should you watch coal miner's daughter (in which sissy spacek won an Oscar) you should also watch the last waltz. It is the band in their last show.  it was directed by martin scorsese and includes many special guests: BOB DYLAN  ERIC CLAPTON  NEIL YOUNG  JONI MITCHELL 

Starring: THE BAND....

i have noticed that my fellow bloggers have been cursing loads more than ever. i can't help but think that i had something to do with this.  if you can't fuck it...give the fuck up..fucking fucker got fucked like a fucky fuck..fuckin' a

i'm so over myself....


the afternoon beat

wow'zers i just got off of my new drum
set... believe it or not in half of an hour
i managed to get two times better than
i was prior..i can't believe it
at first i couldn't concentrate
then i started to breathe deep

focus and all of a sudden
it/i was in rhythm
i believed i could only do it drunk
however.. i think i would still be
just a little looser w/a bit o' buzz
whatever the case i'm getting
ready for december...then it will
all be seen..there for all to
criticize...go ahead i'm
immune...unless you attack
my person...end of transmission 


It might be a bit hypocritical but I hate critics. Art critics- music critics-movie critics-literature critics I hate them all equally. I mean who are they to decide what is good or bad? None of them could ever make anything as great or as bad as what they review! They are pathetic losers pretending to be cool by telling you how much they like or dislike something. Who the fuck are they to decide what we should like? They have ruined so many folks while giving so many other undeserved fucks a good review. Hence turning them into overnight success stories. Screw that it shouldn't happen over night nor should it occur from some nameless fucker looking to make a name for him/herself. Opinions as we all know are like assholes(which the world is full of)everyone has one...I also hate it when people whom I email never write me back. The worst is to be added to some list where you get put together w/everyone else that person hasn't emailed in a while. Then they tell everyone about their life... fuck that shit! I take the time to email the folks I like...The least they could do is to tell me to eat shit!


your heart isn't truly broken until it stops working! me


recommended reading: songs in the key of z:the curious universe of outsider music...read about the shaggs tiny tim syd barrett joe meek captain beefheart the cherry sisters daniel johnston(my favorite of the bunch) harry partch and wesley willis.

conceptual art:tom godfrey (everything you ever wanted to know about conceptual art and life)

in other news...i sold two paintings yesterday..i also swapped paintings w/ www.billsanten.com(of birddog fame) he got box of speakers and i got agnus. it was a great trade. bring back the bartering system. well i feel i have worn out my welcome so...end of transmission