goodnight john man!  goodnight sissy!

well things have come full circle since my entry about the coal miner's daughter.  for the past few months i have made it a point to stay awake for 24 hours at least once a week.  i'm trying to see how sleep deprivation effects my paintings(that is yet to be determined).  i usually paint from midnight to sunrise.  i got up yesterday at noon and i've been up ever since .  anyway... while i'm painting i watch/listen to the television.  i start running out of things to watch/listen when the beloved late night w/conan goes off the air.  between 2am and 5am it's slim pickins'... i watched the o'reilly factor and a couple other right wing news shows on the fox network.  why am i watching these shows? because you must know thy enemy.  plus between all the bullshit they say sometimes they make some good points.  finally.. the right wingers went off and i turned it to the tv land network.  one of my all time favs macguyver was on...after that bonanza...after that was the waltons.  that is when things came full circle.  sissy spacek(before she played loretta lynn) was on the waltons.  wouldn't you know she played a young pregnant country girl.  she hadn't developed that country accent as well as she had for loretta, but you could see how it was all coming together.  so john boy went up to this cabin to write and found her there pregnant and hiding from her momma.  wouldn't you know she went into labor and john boy delivered her illegitimate baby for her.  they didn't show the cord being cut, but later on i saw a bowie knife on john boy's belt.  he had delivered so many farm animals that he was a natural when it came to birthing.  in the end john boy took sarah jean(sissy) to meet up w/her momma and they both left w/smiles.  after some research... turns out sissy was on the waltons twice.  a couple of her lines that stood out were: "when are you gonna stop being john boy and start being john man?" and "life idn't like the movies john boy..nothing like em" ....hard to imagine that sweet little girl went on to be carrie!   


Blogger cmdrslappy said...

i really like this post.

anyway, to answer your question, i bought him the last waltz. he liked it. and i knew it was you on shoobie's blog because, well, i just knew it. magic. did you get my email?


2:39 PM  
Blogger t said...

did you ever see the one with her and sheen --- they kill her father and run off on a killing spree -- sort of an early natural born killers?

10:25 AM  
Blogger steven garrett said...

i forgot about that one...yes... i did see it. it is called badlands.

5:59 PM  
Blogger t said...

i don't get the paper, nor would i read it for any other reason than to attempt the crossword...so gimme somethin to look at!!!

4:48 AM  
Blogger j.CEe VEe said...

JoHn/BOY once played a sexually deviant serial killer in some 70's T.V. movie as well... my mother never liked the waltons much after that... in fact she still mentions that if the waltons ever are on...
AS Far as the "WALTONS" goes..
i liked the christmas episode where they moved up north to work in the meat factories and jim bob lost his ears to the frost bite... i think erin finally lost her virginity in that one to a local club owner pimp played by howling wolf... t's also the one where the family finnaly discovers that grampa has a acute case of syphillis... which you rememebr later on in the series of course led to hisgrave insanity and the rampaging whoremongering before his untimely death from a "recipe" explosion in the colon...
whiskey enemas are never a good idea despite their extreme effectiveness...
that show really taught me a lot about nature and "human" nature.

1:17 PM  

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