recommended reading: songs in the key of z:the curious universe of outsider music...read about the shaggs tiny tim syd barrett joe meek captain beefheart the cherry sisters daniel johnston(my favorite of the bunch) harry partch and wesley willis.

conceptual art:tom godfrey (everything you ever wanted to know about conceptual art and life)

in other news...i sold two paintings yesterday..i also swapped paintings w/ www.billsanten.com(of birddog fame) he got box of speakers and i got agnus. it was a great trade. bring back the bartering system. well i feel i have worn out my welcome so...end of transmission


Blogger Le Lion said...

you should post some photos of your art.
i wanna see what youve been doin.
i love bill santen's art...glad you got some.

miss you!

2:46 PM  

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