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eye make know cents

separate the beauty from the mundane
drink lots of water flowing never
protruding into the past swollen
with pride glowing from the inside

hands tide warm all over better
and worse absurd tissue concrete
setting up hard and taught reminds
me of yesterdays moon closer than

you blisters on my thumb mustard
on my shirt fellow stains come clean
by no means an easy process left out
in the reign of terror feeling nothing more

than filling up and getting away
reminiscently of prepubescent questions
of order small please tactful and sound
representing the toothless everywhere

i have my teeth in the rebroadcasts
delays the hailstorm chicken eggs congeal
butter too close to the corn meal milk
of soy for the allergic baby no cow milk

for hymn sing song rattle tattle come
along the grass is green and growing
gastrointestinal gasping for greater
glorious momentousness penetrated by hope

wondering in groups until we get it done
finished working feverishly fast forget
the last lucidly lavished bargain basement
pony rides austere glides rocket fuel inside

of you spatter spatter flip the pancake
batter up swing batter batter swing
home run over the line stupendous
overzealous harmonious meandering

bivouac bilateralness elitist swinger w/a
passion for skinless boneless cheap
or not cold or hot flavored favored
radiantly regarded as the coming of

the great mistake understandably
enforceable utterly amazing anatomically
calculated figured multiplex and conquered
variant lustful and panics start breathing

deeply filling each visual of vurnurablity
block it out filter more scribbled down
surreal stupid forgetfully groomed gusto
put the table on the chair of the leg brain


this is me in second grade...... we had to draw pictures of ourselves which the teacher then kept. at the end of sixth grade she gave them back to us...a little something to take with us to jr. high.  Posted by Hello

i finally learned how to add pictures! thanks amanda

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sex drugs and rock and roll....the nifty little trio of goodness. i have written several lines about sex and rock...however not much at all about drugs. those that know me well... know i like to take various drugs from time to time. i don't stick to one thing nor do i do shit all the time...i do the moderation thing...i like trying new things....why just the other night i tried crystal meth for the first time. i didn't do much...just one teeny little line. it just made me a bit speeded....it wasn't all that. if i had done more... things would have been much different. i didn't do anymore...because their wasn't anymore. the key to not getting hooked on shit like that is...don't buy it. i mean give it a try if someone is holding and they are willing to share....and that is only after you have seen them/others live through it..and without any harsh side effects...you never know what is in that shit. i'm not ashamed of my drug use...so if you are offended by it... you should probably stop reading now cause i'm going to make myself a list of the drugs i've taken in my lifetime: nicotine(lost count) alcohol(at least once a week for the past 13 years) weed(assloads).... lsd(six) shrooms(10..this is my favorite...if i had access to them all the time... i would eat them as often as possible...too bad they are to hard to find...at least they are for me... dxm(twice..now this is some weird shit) oxycontin(ten the opiates are sweet) xanax(sixty) insulin(for my diabetes...everyday i love how it makes me feel...which is much better..esp when i have had a donut or some chocolate..sugar...it's nearly a drug) crystal meth(once) cocaine(five...this shit is fun...i would have been goin' crazy on the shit in the year 85///that is if i would have been born in 65' and not 75' ...ten was a little to early to catch the coke binge of the 80's...heroin(once....i may not do this again...it was just too good) vicodan valium kolonapin methadone lorcet percs ...i think that might be all of them....perhaps i forgot a couple...i've never done crack...i don't even want to try that shit...way back when.talkin' bout 98 or sumpin'... a couple of my roommates got hooked on that shit. all i can remember is that nasty smell. that stank ass shit gave me a miagrane...i have never done ecstasy either....i missed out on the whole rave scene....either i wasn't where it was or it wasn't where i was....lets see where do i go now? patrick and i finished our first job today. the lady was very happy with our work. ...overall working was barely average. pat and i didn't get along that great the whole time. it was hot and hard at times...he would fuck up...then i would fuck up...then it would rain....things kept coming at us....over and over...we whipped that sum a bitch ...finally it is over..and we are out of there..... the good news is i now have a nice stash of cash...the bad news is we haven't found anything else to work on yet. we were going to start building his house...however that looks if it might not happen. you must jump through several different hoops to go from getting a loan to building a house on your own...the loan companies want licensed contractors signing everything...anyway that is boring shit...as a matter of fact i imagine anything else i write from here on out is going to be boring ass shit too...so i'm out ......end of transmission ...
feel free
to share your
drugs experience
with me...
sober experiences
are welcome
ass whale


smoke flavored candy 3.5ftx4ft acrylic on canvas
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George W. Bush is visiting a primary school and he visits one of the classes. They are in the middle of a discussion related to words and their meanings.The teacher asks the President if he would like to lead the discussion of the word tragedy. So the illustrious leader asks the class for an example of a tragedy.One little boy stands up and offers: "If my bestfriend, who lives on a farm, is playing in the field and a runaway tractor comes along and knocks him dead, that would be a tragedy.""No," says President Bush, "that would be an accident."A little girl raises her hand: "If a school bus carrying 50 children drove over a cliff, killing everyone inside, that would be a tragedy.""I'm afraid not," explains the exalted leader. "That's what we would call a great loss."The room goes silent. No other children volunteer.President Bush searches the room. "Isn't there someone here who can give me an example of a tragedy?"Finally at the back of the room, little Johnny raises his hand.In a quiet voice he says: "If Air Force One carrying you was struck by a missile and blown to smithereens, that would be a tragedy." "Fantastic!" exclaims President Bush, "That's right. And can you tell me why that would be tragedy?""Well," says the boy,"because it sure as hell wouldn't be a great loss and it probably wouldn't be an accident either."


i turned 29 sunday....i didn't think i would last this long.
now..... i think i'll make it to at least 40.


after... several years of being promiscuous... a fur piece back... i took a vow of celibacy. i don't really know why ...it wasn't a religious based decision or anything like that.....i guess i just started to think of myself as a bit of a slut. (i would say whore...but i didn't get paid...too bad though) well enough about celibacy... it's boring. let me say this though for those of you interested in celibacy... during mine making out and handjobs were allowed. i don't know what i would have done without them....lets face it hand jobs and making out are guilt free pleasures. so what i'm getting at is...my celibacy streak came(no pun intended) to an end last month. i had held out for nearly two years and believe me i was ready to fornicate. so i did....we had done it before so all the pre-sex bullshit was already out of the way...i mean i knew she was disease free...and that we had an understanding...we were fuck buddies...may even do her again one day. however i'm longing for the lovely woman that i can make love too...not just fucking her with my dick...i'm talking about fucking her with my dick and my heart full of love. maybe love exists..i have been just close enough to know.... it might... so i'll keep trying. anyway here is the deal. i just know you want to help out.....after you have read this....post a comment answering this question :how many folks have you bumped-balled-screwed-mounted...do it(comment) anonymously or not....just do it(comment). perhaps then we can figure out when one becomes a slut....just so you know...i'm putting my number up after a few others have gone...so whom ever the first one is....it's not me...buy now


read barn knew job

so....it's been a while since i last wrote. my impression is that no one reads this shit....this is for the 4 or 5 folks who might read my blog. well.... my semi-retired couch jumping lifestyle has dissolved. i'm officially out of cash.. so now it's back to work i go. i know what you are thinking..."what a lazy bastard"..but... i had money saved and sold several paintings.... which allowed me to not work for several months. just because i didn't have a job doesn't mean i wasn't working. i finished several paintings-wrote poems and songs-did some nephew sitting-cut some grass-read various books and manuals-searched and researched-experimented-blogged-you get the picture. for the past month or so i have been looking for my next job. after a string of shitty restaurant work and annoying co-workers...i wasn't about to just settle for the first thing that came my way. finally...it has happened...after my friend patrick quit his miserable job...where he worked with mostly morons...we decided to start working for ourselves. so as of monday... i now work for eastern kentucky properties (which is just pat and I)...we are doing some remodeling for now..then in a month or so we are going to start building his first rental property. i relish the idea of doing something different everyday-i love working outside-no annoying co-workers (except when pat and i talk about politics)-getting paid "under the table"-being able to smoke pot on the job-not having to dress up-and most of all i enjoy not having to work for a corporation. of course... i have only been doing this for a few days so it might end up sucking too. i am however going to try my best to keep a good attitude and stick with it. i've done a bunch of work like this before so i'm not going in blind....however...after being off for a while i imagine i'm going to be fairly sore for a while. i'm hoping that my long lost muscles will find their way home and that my gut will find another. then perhaps the ladies will start paying attention to me again. anyway...i'm also excited about my future living arrangement. after some cleaning and a few other things i'm going to be living it the top part of patrick's giant barn.(no animals live there anymore) it's just what i have dreamed of....i'll have the necessities neatly placed in one corner of the barn and then the rest will be open studio space... room for painting-sculptures-all my instruments. no neighbors so being to loud isn't an issue. i can't wait to get in there so we can record some audio/video. well before i get too far ahead of myself i should probably stop writing about my future and deal with my present....which entails getting up early. no more staying up all night and sleeping all day.