after... several years of being promiscuous... a fur piece back... i took a vow of celibacy. i don't really know why ...it wasn't a religious based decision or anything like that.....i guess i just started to think of myself as a bit of a slut. (i would say whore...but i didn't get paid...too bad though) well enough about celibacy... it's boring. let me say this though for those of you interested in celibacy... during mine making out and handjobs were allowed. i don't know what i would have done without them....lets face it hand jobs and making out are guilt free pleasures. so what i'm getting at is...my celibacy streak came(no pun intended) to an end last month. i had held out for nearly two years and believe me i was ready to fornicate. so i did....we had done it before so all the pre-sex bullshit was already out of the way...i mean i knew she was disease free...and that we had an understanding...we were fuck buddies...may even do her again one day. however i'm longing for the lovely woman that i can make love too...not just fucking her with my dick...i'm talking about fucking her with my dick and my heart full of love. maybe love exists..i have been just close enough to know.... it might... so i'll keep trying. anyway here is the deal. i just know you want to help out.....after you have read this....post a comment answering this question :how many folks have you bumped-balled-screwed-mounted...do it(comment) anonymously or not....just do it(comment). perhaps then we can figure out when one becomes a slut....just so you know...i'm putting my number up after a few others have gone...so whom ever the first one is....it's not me...buy now


Blogger j.CEe VEe said...

fucking nutter... people aren't gonna answer that truthfully if at all... and even if they do it is just gong to lead to shit loads of speculation about who the hell answered what and when and how many... pretty cool idea all in all...
any who's... HAPPY birthday fucker!
and i would like to admit to the online community that i am actually a full blown master virgin...
any takers on taking it?
well F straight off sickos!
i am saving myself for my one true love.
or one those hot volleyball players i saw on the olympics anyway.

9:46 AM  
Blogger j.CEe VEe said...

wow dorothy parker, layne and the crawling king snake himself!!!

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age (Death *)

Layne Staley
08/22/1967 04/05/2002 34 *

Henri Cartier-Bresson
08/22/1908 08/02/2004 95 *

Julius Epstein
08/22/1909 12/30/2000 91 *

Dorothy Parker
08/22/1893 06/07/1967 73 *

Deng Xiaoping
08/22/1904 02/19/1997 92 *

Mary McGrory
08/22/1918 04/21/2004 85 *

Diana Sands
08/22/1934 09/21/1973 39 *

Leni Riefenstahl
08/22/1902 09/08/2003 101 *

John Lee Hooker
08/22/1920 06/21/2001 80 *

Steve Kroft
08/22/1945 59

Annie Proulx
08/22/1935 69

Cindy Williams
08/22/1947 57

Valerie Harper
08/22/1940 64

Denton Cooley
08/22/1920 84

Bill Parcells
08/22/1941 63

Ray Bradbury
08/22/1920 84

Honor Blackman
08/22/1926 78

Carl Yastrzemski
08/22/1939 65

Morton Dean
08/22/1935 69

Norman Schwarzkopf
08/22/1934 70

1:19 PM  
Blogger megan pistachio said...

it depends on what counts. there've been a couple times where there was penetration, but then an immediate decision to forget the whole thing. One of these times was my first time (i made that decision because of pain), so i think it counts becuase it just should. but the other time it was the dude who changed his mind (obviously a huge fool), and i don't want to count that one because there was really only like 1 second of penetration. And there was this other time when this dude was behind me and thought he'd be all slick and stick it in as i was falling asleep even though i told him i didn't want to, so I think that should be vetoed as well.

5:05 PM  
Blogger shoobie said...

last i checked 21. still clean to this day.

well except for that 17 year old prostitute in taipan....she was kinda a burner

9:27 AM  
Blogger cmdrslappy said...

ah, the infamous question... i was gonna say, with certainty, 11!, but then i remembered it's technically 12, if you count that one time, but the simple fact that i didn't remember it in recent counting and other factors (kinda like megan p's post above), i think it shouldn't count. so i will say, without certainty, 11...? now, six of those were spread out over the course of a long, long period of years. the other five (six?) all happened in fairly close succession, thereby deeming that phase a "slut-esque" phase, by my thinking. and that's how you get nitrogen!

3:13 PM  
Blogger cmdrslappy said...

and also, shoobie... "taipan?" is that really a place?

3:15 PM  
Blogger steven garrett said...

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7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:06 PM  
Blogger steven garrett said...

i think sucking cock and eating pussy should be counted as well. however i guess we have to go with penetration only rule...but oral sex is sex right...i mean you are putting your tongue in there for bob's sake. whatever anyway...one pump is sex...if your in your in..no matter how long ..

12:30 AM  
Blogger j.CEe VEe said...

now hold up O.A... you can't count what you went thru as a celibacy period if you are counting oral/ handjobs and the like as actual sexing...right?
can't have it both ways brother man...
ck your cell phone's msg's i left you a aural surprize...
a little sneaky pete action...
from last night's show...
you moved into the barn yet?

12:38 PM  
Blogger steven garrett said...

green...i didn't count them...anyway i want to do a black girl so bad i may actually pay for her...any takers?

8:40 PM  

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