eye make know cents

separate the beauty from the mundane
drink lots of water flowing never
protruding into the past swollen
with pride glowing from the inside

hands tide warm all over better
and worse absurd tissue concrete
setting up hard and taught reminds
me of yesterdays moon closer than

you blisters on my thumb mustard
on my shirt fellow stains come clean
by no means an easy process left out
in the reign of terror feeling nothing more

than filling up and getting away
reminiscently of prepubescent questions
of order small please tactful and sound
representing the toothless everywhere

i have my teeth in the rebroadcasts
delays the hailstorm chicken eggs congeal
butter too close to the corn meal milk
of soy for the allergic baby no cow milk

for hymn sing song rattle tattle come
along the grass is green and growing
gastrointestinal gasping for greater
glorious momentousness penetrated by hope

wondering in groups until we get it done
finished working feverishly fast forget
the last lucidly lavished bargain basement
pony rides austere glides rocket fuel inside

of you spatter spatter flip the pancake
batter up swing batter batter swing
home run over the line stupendous
overzealous harmonious meandering

bivouac bilateralness elitist swinger w/a
passion for skinless boneless cheap
or not cold or hot flavored favored
radiantly regarded as the coming of

the great mistake understandably
enforceable utterly amazing anatomically
calculated figured multiplex and conquered
variant lustful and panics start breathing

deeply filling each visual of vurnurablity
block it out filter more scribbled down
surreal stupid forgetfully groomed gusto
put the table on the chair of the leg brain


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