sex drugs and rock and roll....the nifty little trio of goodness. i have written several lines about sex and rock...however not much at all about drugs. those that know me well... know i like to take various drugs from time to time. i don't stick to one thing nor do i do shit all the time...i do the moderation thing...i like trying new things....why just the other night i tried crystal meth for the first time. i didn't do much...just one teeny little line. it just made me a bit speeded....it wasn't all that. if i had done more... things would have been much different. i didn't do anymore...because their wasn't anymore. the key to not getting hooked on shit like that is...don't buy it. i mean give it a try if someone is holding and they are willing to share....and that is only after you have seen them/others live through it..and without any harsh side effects...you never know what is in that shit. i'm not ashamed of my drug use...so if you are offended by it... you should probably stop reading now cause i'm going to make myself a list of the drugs i've taken in my lifetime: nicotine(lost count) alcohol(at least once a week for the past 13 years) weed(assloads).... lsd(six) shrooms(10..this is my favorite...if i had access to them all the time... i would eat them as often as possible...too bad they are to hard to find...at least they are for me... dxm(twice..now this is some weird shit) oxycontin(ten the opiates are sweet) xanax(sixty) insulin(for my diabetes...everyday i love how it makes me feel...which is much better..esp when i have had a donut or some chocolate..sugar...it's nearly a drug) crystal meth(once) cocaine(five...this shit is fun...i would have been goin' crazy on the shit in the year 85///that is if i would have been born in 65' and not 75' ...ten was a little to early to catch the coke binge of the 80's...heroin(once....i may not do this again...it was just too good) vicodan valium kolonapin methadone lorcet percs ...i think that might be all of them....perhaps i forgot a couple...i've never done crack...i don't even want to try that shit...way back when.talkin' bout 98 or sumpin'... a couple of my roommates got hooked on that shit. all i can remember is that nasty smell. that stank ass shit gave me a miagrane...i have never done ecstasy either....i missed out on the whole rave scene....either i wasn't where it was or it wasn't where i was....lets see where do i go now? patrick and i finished our first job today. the lady was very happy with our work. ...overall working was barely average. pat and i didn't get along that great the whole time. it was hot and hard at times...he would fuck up...then i would fuck up...then it would rain....things kept coming at us....over and over...we whipped that sum a bitch ...finally it is over..and we are out of there..... the good news is i now have a nice stash of cash...the bad news is we haven't found anything else to work on yet. we were going to start building his house...however that looks if it might not happen. you must jump through several different hoops to go from getting a loan to building a house on your own...the loan companies want licensed contractors signing everything...anyway that is boring shit...as a matter of fact i imagine anything else i write from here on out is going to be boring ass shit too...so i'm out ......end of transmission ...
feel free
to share your
drugs experience
with me...
sober experiences
are welcome
ass whale


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