tv talking jive turkey walking
breathing mass suicide into
the fluid eye promising rusted
hook broke view point lousy
bridges squeaking bothers
none elvis sings and the neon
is on it rivals the greatest before
for once he is broken and just shit
nothing more than shit and some
piss some come home late
trying not to smell like death
fever has broke so has the clock
it is nearly out of time it can't go
any further while failing separate
in the process barely wanting
only the best at the cheapest price
so give it to me i don't need all of it
just the sum of iti felt it was
absolutely real to reel screen
savor it you fool make that noise
you make it loud nose to the air
i don't carry that much fists full
is what they had well i had it my way


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Love Liza (2002)
Wilson Joel is a man in trouble. There's a searing pain in his gut that he can't tolerate and a dazed quietness to his struggle as he tries to maintain his equilibrium. Wilson is attempting to move on from the sudden and inexplicable suicide of his wife. His mother-in-law is there for him, but her sympathies turn quickly. He has an employer that seems to want to help him, and a workmate who wants him for herself. But nothing and no one can give Wilson solace; so, he seeks oblivion. It is not the usual alcohol or drugs. Wilson inhales fumes from gasoline cans and model airplane fuel and finds temporary salvation in the company of remote-control model enthusiasts. However, nothing that provides him relief really lasts.


all of the value was taken
from the forgotten past of luxury

items brought onboard a never
ending nightmare only to wake

you from a deep sleep that you
slipped intolike breakfast at midnight

the palms were sweaty with nothing
left to show but the true self the

one on the shelf existing taking
up unvaluable space gone but not

by choices you made striped of all
of it's glory left out to get rained on

wet with pride and noone to see it
hidden from the world existing only

in a place that is not closed however
all will try and many fall into the

corner of the room that is most
secure where all can be seen

only the lady on the left see
syou come out and join me get

on my stage hover over this
nightmare breathing down the

neck can't help it taken back
by the way the stones fell in

a line up you see the pain front
and center for some disease

theyhave no cure for it's there
and you too can have it for a

small price you pay for dealing
with a fool full of nothing except

what they had for dinner during lunch
around supper time at noon early noon



"stephanie" acrylic on canvas...i wish i still had this painting.  Posted by Hello

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"elle loge la folie" roberto matta
http://www.matta-art.com/ Posted by Hello


listen to jandek


"piles of evidence" acrylic on cardboard Posted by Hello

some flowers i painted for me mum.
acrylic/ink on canvas Posted by Hello

..... Posted by Hello

writer's block broken finally

subsequences beauty for a three scent
movie square in the middle
handed down from the gibberish
fiddle breathing insufficiencies minerals

mixed madmad mirthless
developed past tents forget about it
tracks all over the tired worn out
vestries vigilant vagaries pasta

makers of dough sliced ever so
sloughed bound to cover the entire
time piece factor begetting the flash
of fortune times two makes relevant

the new beginning testator and wrong
variant with pride fake steps from distance
fire fire that fire bun take it down
you know where over beside

the body the body the body
reluctantly irreverence missing
solitude and breathing room space
thoughtfully thoughtful thank you

I give up you give in and I'll go home
stop I said as he drew his mad
lib of silence talk talk speak when
spoken two times i told her

eat for yourself not for the rat
your weird she uttered blankly
butter rolls came and we ate
sublimed abrade incubi to terriers
blank bland bureau begotten

"farts kill satan" daniel johnston
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i have a severe case of writer's block. i can't think of any thing to write about..nor can i even come up with any of my shitty poetry. hence all the pictures...they say pictures are worth a thousand words...well i guess i'm ahead several thousand words. i haven't done anything fun or noteworthy as of late. the job i had has come to a halt. seems as if the construction business isn't booming like my employer thought it would. i don't care anyway...i still have enough money to last me for a few weeks...plus working with my friend proved to not be so friendly. it's not everyday that you are friends with someone that disagrees with nearly everything you say. it got to the point where i wasn't even talking. that way i didn't have to always argue my case or listen to his...don't get me wrong i love debating just as much as the next person....i just can't stand it all the time...knowing that everything i say will be shot down before i can get it all out. so needless to say i want a new job. i think this time i'll work for someone who isn't my friend to begin with...that way none of that shit gets in the way. as for the friendship it has all but fallen apart.




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reissued for comments

my wit has reached an all time high. the kind of wit that should be shared with the world. i'm normally not a bingo player, but yesterday i was.... i'm not at all afraid of new people-places and situations....as a matter of fact.. i seek out and enjoy all of the different subcultures..and all of the subcultures of those subcultures. meanwhile at the bingo hall..... while each letter was called i listened for anything/something i could create from the moment-something to break the monotony-something to kill some time (bingo lasts 4 hours)..... it started with B-4 (before) then B-14 (before teen is adolescence)- I-27(was my age)-B-12 (is a vitamin. this vitamin contains a metal,cobalt. it is called cyanocobalamin and extrinsic factor, and is needed for the efficient production of blood cells and for the health of the nervous system. only small amounts of B-12 are required for the body.the activity of this vitamin is associated with that of another B vitamin, folic acid)-N-2 (into)-N-8 (innate) O...and the O's sound as if you are longing for or praising them. O(ooohhhhh)-14 (O for teen 18 & 19 only)... my thoughts on the bingo experience: they had good hot dogs-)-N-2 (into)-N-8 (innate) and any of the numbers that start with O...can sound as if you are longing for or praising them. O(ooohhhhh)-14 (oohhh for teen...18 & 19 only) what just happened?... my final thoughts on the bingo experience: they had good hot dogs-chili-and cheeseburgers-lousy ventilation (smoking cigs/pipes is a favorite among many of the bingo-ers)...near the halfway point my attention span had nearly reached it's limit..during a break in the action... i slipped out to my car for a few tokes of icky sticky cheeba reefer pot weed mary jane cannabis bud grass marijuana marihuana it calmed me down for the rest of the game and then some. thee one hundred-fifty-seven dollars i took home from playing the pulltabs made it all worth while....my favorite aunt rosie (a widow) even paid my way in and gave me twenty bucks to blow-by-blow. i didn't even take a dime..nor a dollar w/me... sometimes i get lucky in kentucky.........later on...in the wee hours of the night on into the morning...while battling insomnia and watching the boob-tube/small screen/televison... i came across the new(not improved) star search w/arsenio hall (who's been picked on enough..so i'm leaving him alone) as the host. the contestants were children w/a fair amount of talent (i sure as hell couldn't do what they did...good job kids and good luck) ..they however are not my target....it's the judges i'm after.... ben stein (win his money)-naomi judd (is hotter than one of her daughters)-nick carter (former backstreet boy/paris hilton's latest love pole-porn co-star) his brother aaron carter (whom credits journey's steve perry as one of his greatest influences...enough said) and some other woman (i can't remember her name) she didn't annoy me...so i let her off the hook. if you are familiar with the judds (naomi (53) & wynonna (40)-were both born in ashland kentucky.. funny thing...i was born in the same hospital (king's daughters medical center) as them naomi has hepititisC-used to be a nurse-wynonna-her real name is christina claire-her shoe size is ate-she also credits steve(not good) perry as a great influence-recently got a DUI)... they(the judds) have a song entitled "love can build a bridge" blah..blah..blah. (love hurts) i would love for naomi to build that bridge (i'll pay for it w/the money i won from ben stien).... a very tall bridge w/rocks-boulders-and a canyon below.... then we force (w/a 9mm) ben stein to push those fucking carter boys (aaron goes first...while journey (they get pushed over too) plays) over the side. naomi and ben can live on one condition...they have to continue being judges on star search for the rest of their lives....or until they find someone who is truly a star.. meanwhile....mainstream music (which usually sucks) would be a much better/real experience if those kind of performers/posers/users would just go away or be pushed off of tall bridges. it pisses me off to no end....that they call themselves artists..:( where? & what? is the/their art?...... perhaps it is the art of: being a dipped in shit loser-letting someone else write your songs-pick out your clothes-do your hairdo-getting bad tattoos (especially jessica (whom needs an ass and a nosejob-has two giant super fake/white teeth-is she really that stupid? yes) simpson's husband and former boy band (98 degrees member nick lachey/lackey (he hates that) waxing their ass-doing stupid/boring/old/easy/dull dance moves-being a commodity-a pedophile-becoming a ken like doll-appearing on lunchboxes/tiger-beat & teen-beat covers-perfecting cluelessness-tarnishing/ruining/disgracing music history forever-wa$ting money/time (think of all the folk$ they could have helped...in$tead their ca$h i$ $pent on frivolou$ bull$hit...like gold diamonds platinum -$uv$-clothe$-give back...die backstreet and all that is similar. their so many great artists making music today: WILCO WHEELHORSE NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL SOMETHING FOR ROCKETS PALACE bros MY MORNING JACKET Cody ChestnuTT Jim O'rourke Will OLDHAM TORTOISE MODEST MOUSE KARATE THE SEA AND CAKE FLAMING LIPS JANDEK WOMB SHITTERS THE POP SMARTS AUDIO PAINTERS BIG FRESH :are some bands/individuals that should be on the radioinstead of the shite this is....we need global enlightenment...now>


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naught four cell

not for sale

knot for sail


Comparative pale existence
sun tanned misfit i just saved
an opossum from drowning
in the pool he smiled and scurried

the cats didn't even see him
i once saved a chipmunks life
he was drowning in the same pool
years ago...15 or so
this little guy was out cold

i fished him out layed him on the
back porch then went in and got the
hairdryer...i put it on warm and started
drying his fur...after he was dry... i
started rubbing his belly with my finger
he coughed and spat a little water

all of a sudden he pulled a lazarus
he was back from the dead
he shot out of there...