i have a severe case of writer's block. i can't think of any thing to write about..nor can i even come up with any of my shitty poetry. hence all the pictures...they say pictures are worth a thousand words...well i guess i'm ahead several thousand words. i haven't done anything fun or noteworthy as of late. the job i had has come to a halt. seems as if the construction business isn't booming like my employer thought it would. i don't care anyway...i still have enough money to last me for a few weeks...plus working with my friend proved to not be so friendly. it's not everyday that you are friends with someone that disagrees with nearly everything you say. it got to the point where i wasn't even talking. that way i didn't have to always argue my case or listen to his...don't get me wrong i love debating just as much as the next person....i just can't stand it all the time...knowing that everything i say will be shot down before i can get it all out. so needless to say i want a new job. i think this time i'll work for someone who isn't my friend to begin with...that way none of that shit gets in the way. as for the friendship it has all but fallen apart.


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