all of the value was taken
from the forgotten past of luxury

items brought onboard a never
ending nightmare only to wake

you from a deep sleep that you
slipped intolike breakfast at midnight

the palms were sweaty with nothing
left to show but the true self the

one on the shelf existing taking
up unvaluable space gone but not

by choices you made striped of all
of it's glory left out to get rained on

wet with pride and noone to see it
hidden from the world existing only

in a place that is not closed however
all will try and many fall into the

corner of the room that is most
secure where all can be seen

only the lady on the left see
syou come out and join me get

on my stage hover over this
nightmare breathing down the

neck can't help it taken back
by the way the stones fell in

a line up you see the pain front
and center for some disease

theyhave no cure for it's there
and you too can have it for a

small price you pay for dealing
with a fool full of nothing except

what they had for dinner during lunch
around supper time at noon early noon


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