writer's block broken finally

subsequences beauty for a three scent
movie square in the middle
handed down from the gibberish
fiddle breathing insufficiencies minerals

mixed madmad mirthless
developed past tents forget about it
tracks all over the tired worn out
vestries vigilant vagaries pasta

makers of dough sliced ever so
sloughed bound to cover the entire
time piece factor begetting the flash
of fortune times two makes relevant

the new beginning testator and wrong
variant with pride fake steps from distance
fire fire that fire bun take it down
you know where over beside

the body the body the body
reluctantly irreverence missing
solitude and breathing room space
thoughtfully thoughtful thank you

I give up you give in and I'll go home
stop I said as he drew his mad
lib of silence talk talk speak when
spoken two times i told her

eat for yourself not for the rat
your weird she uttered blankly
butter rolls came and we ate
sublimed abrade incubi to terriers
blank bland bureau begotten


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