until just a few minutes ago...i never realized
i had so many gray hairs...o well i guess that is
better than no hair...getting old sucks arse!


damien hirst....opium


a drunk bush


overly scrutinized simplicity

not yet titled



Here is the 2005 Cinderblock(931 East Main Street in Louisville, Ky. USA ) Show Calender:

Jan. 7 2005 "New Meet" Steven Garrett Holbrook, Lisa Du Pree, Luke Rollins, ...
Feb 4 2005 Dane Waters
March 4 2005 "Peepers" looking boxes and performances group show-callfor entries
April 1 2005 Melissa Ezelle
May 6 2005 "3rd Annual Rock Art" Group Show Louisville Musicians that make art
June 3 2005 "Beyond the Outsider" Paintings and objects by Sean Garrison& Shaun Severs
July 1 2005 Steve Rigot, Cathy Irwin, Douglas Maxson
Aug 5 2005 Art Cars
Sept 2 2005 2 Annual tattooist show
Oct 7 2005 Adrian Wright
Nov 4 2005 Marcy Werner and Anessa Arehart
Dec 2 2005 20 dollar???

i'm so elated to be having another show....
especially one in Louisville...I had grown tired of

thanks scott: www.junkabilly.com www.cinderblockgallery.com


uniform deformity

serena's potent rose

fruntuf and zandex


images, smiling at me

as roses bloom
for me?
I sit at the edge

of the stones, cold,
half grin on my face

confused, unsure
learning to breathe again

my dress soiled,
with dirt from my past

stained by my own existence
hoping to come clean....



lets fuck... on the hood of my car, in a thunderstorm, in jello, on a trampoline, in a ball pit, in the bath tub, on a swing, in the woods, with handcuffs and a gag, upside down, in the closet, in a cemetary, in a haunted house, in a public restroom, on my counter, against the wall, during a tornado, on the gravitron, on a slide, in my bed. i'll stir your coffee with my finger. i scratch i bite i burn i scar i scream i want to bend you over backwards. rip into my chest if you look at me one more time i'll sew your eyelids shut. i want to make you scream my name my eyes burn into your flesh and it hurts you so much

from: TOXIC BETTY w/love

momentarily monophobic

evanesce pigsney

vary crowd dead

VARY CROWD DEAD Posted by Hello


important proportionate voluptuous
suburbanite frigidly professional lady
memento innuendo clearly indebted

indecisive indecent flighty limited
outstanding outloud reckless sully
suicidal freshly bridal theatergoer

universal potential when provoked
ambitious grandiose present tense
been there done him a little quirky

faithful sometimes harmful to others
hot pink panties come off with ease
long blonde locks with a bit of the tease

mystery to some not at all to one
masochism wisdom thoughtful blame
joyride nosedive peek-a-boo game


reverb bound lost and found
subsequent chatter gray matter
washed ashore by the pound
elastic straighten tangled mess

boredom brown settled down
frown smile sneeze enlighten
frightened blank faces drop
motorized movements concrete

enough forever tough roots
wonder wander over yonder
bring the goods wrapped in
paper products line the corridor

aimlessly triggered anger vigor
smooth silky shadows windows
steamy hot chocolate misery
amidst permanent glory for all

touch laugh move dance cry
feel the air crisp cutting tingling
over and over breathing seems
easy take a rest hunt and gather

lather shave bleed blood puddles
bird wings flutter noises glorious
abolish racism smashism control
authority has it's place in the past

blue eyes more blue than mine
open them and understand your crime
hastily put an end to your hate
start profoundest reform once again sin

all over spilled unclean mind real images
stake their control soiled soul be gone
go back to your roots free dumb
thinks thoughtful thoughts timeless

lingering like loads of losers joining the rat
race qualifying fifth wanting last borrowing
sorry non-transferable anything but that
cloyingly refrying to the wrong winner


i finished this painting at 3:00 a.m. this morning. it is currently without a title. however, it does already have an owner. what would you call it?  Posted by Hello

"less crowd dead"
pencil/blood/marker Posted by Hello


fear is displayed all over the world
what can we do but sit back and watch
it all crumble like a cookie that feeds
the hungry baby crying for a mother

to care.. she doesn't she is to busy
fighting just like the rest of us.. why?
who knows it's been going on like this
forever evil surrounds and has a tight

grasp clinching it's fist of fury upon
anyone or thing that isn't strong
enough to hold it back brains don't
win bombs do too bad bombs don't

have hearts shall i say a loving caring
heart unlike the neglecting mother
perhaps it would stop and think
about who the real enemies are but

what can we do but cry and console
the ones that are left behind to pick
up the pieces tell them it will be alright
when you know damn well it will
never be... man is reaching the end

i've got my eyes on you! Posted by Hello

"crowd dead" Posted by Hello

Get out of my head

again and a grin line after line
you are wasting your time
just like I wasted mine
alright fine I tried to do

something about it but it
turns out I can't do without it
as frustrating and real as it
seems it's not ever that bad

I mean most of it gets put
in the back of the/my mind
sure it will come back to haunt
me but I'll be ready for it..I'll

be sleeping when that happens
I'll think it is real and I'll hate you
until I finally wake up and real
eyes are looking at me not

me but my soul... pounding
will be my heart when I avoid
the contact.. I have evaded you
and all you stand for and on

your memory will wither
away like a worthless want
sure you can have it all just
leave me alone or a loan


Some good news for me
and you if you come.
the art/music/poetry show
that recently got cancelled
has even more recently

been uncancelled.
yep it's back on.
lexington KY on dec.4
bill santen(birddog) is playing
i'm looking for a couple
of bands to play(any ideas?).
I'm offering video/paintings/music/food
should i charge for beer?
it's still a bit early yet..So I'll
be reminding you...Over and over
not really.

p.s. minusworld we will
rawk soon enough!!!

$1000 Posted by Hello

woman on a couch  Posted by Hello

cut here...no! wait! Posted by Hello