reverb bound lost and found
subsequent chatter gray matter
washed ashore by the pound
elastic straighten tangled mess

boredom brown settled down
frown smile sneeze enlighten
frightened blank faces drop
motorized movements concrete

enough forever tough roots
wonder wander over yonder
bring the goods wrapped in
paper products line the corridor

aimlessly triggered anger vigor
smooth silky shadows windows
steamy hot chocolate misery
amidst permanent glory for all

touch laugh move dance cry
feel the air crisp cutting tingling
over and over breathing seems
easy take a rest hunt and gather

lather shave bleed blood puddles
bird wings flutter noises glorious
abolish racism smashism control
authority has it's place in the past

blue eyes more blue than mine
open them and understand your crime
hastily put an end to your hate
start profoundest reform once again sin

all over spilled unclean mind real images
stake their control soiled soul be gone
go back to your roots free dumb
thinks thoughtful thoughts timeless

lingering like loads of losers joining the rat
race qualifying fifth wanting last borrowing
sorry non-transferable anything but that
cloyingly refrying to the wrong winner


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