Get out of my head

again and a grin line after line
you are wasting your time
just like I wasted mine
alright fine I tried to do

something about it but it
turns out I can't do without it
as frustrating and real as it
seems it's not ever that bad

I mean most of it gets put
in the back of the/my mind
sure it will come back to haunt
me but I'll be ready for it..I'll

be sleeping when that happens
I'll think it is real and I'll hate you
until I finally wake up and real
eyes are looking at me not

me but my soul... pounding
will be my heart when I avoid
the contact.. I have evaded you
and all you stand for and on

your memory will wither
away like a worthless want
sure you can have it all just
leave me alone or a loan


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