lets fuck... on the hood of my car, in a thunderstorm, in jello, on a trampoline, in a ball pit, in the bath tub, on a swing, in the woods, with handcuffs and a gag, upside down, in the closet, in a cemetary, in a haunted house, in a public restroom, on my counter, against the wall, during a tornado, on the gravitron, on a slide, in my bed. i'll stir your coffee with my finger. i scratch i bite i burn i scar i scream i want to bend you over backwards. rip into my chest if you look at me one more time i'll sew your eyelids shut. i want to make you scream my name my eyes burn into your flesh and it hurts you so much

from: TOXIC BETTY w/love


Blogger steven garrett said...

does anyone know what a ball pit is?

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my dearest....a ball pit can be found in such places as McDonalds, Chuck E, Cheese's or DZ DiscoveryZone. It is a pit, full of colored, plastic balls that children love to jump into...it is delightfully juvenile!!! you just kinda float in it, roll around, and you can sink into it very deep and no one would ever know you were there..but be carefull doing that...you might end up with a 3 year old diving right onto your head!
Much much love~Toxic

2:52 PM  

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