the answer:CATLETTSBURG:my hometown

Catlettsburg is located in the northeast corner of Kentucky at the mouth of the Ohio and Big Sandy rivers. It is considered part of the Kentucky/West Virginia/Ohio Tri-state area. One of the most significant landmarks in Catlettsburg is the flood wall. Before the flood wall's construction, it is estimated that Catlettsburg was inundated with flood water once every 18 months. In 1937 a large snowfall and subsequent rainfall in the mountains of West Virginia swept massive amounts of water into the Ohio River. Catlettsburg was completely inundated with water from this runoff, and what would later be called the "1937 Flood" convinced Ashland, Ironton, Catlettsburg and Russell that they needed permanent flood protection. Catlettsburg was briefly home to serial killer Charles Manson.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey S. It's me, T.B.....
ya know, here in Paducah we got blessed with a floodwall as well after that flood in '37. the whole town here was under water, so they built a big concrete wall around the WHOLE city, as if it would hold back flood waters. But even more interesting are the murals they have painted on the walls, which are pretty cool... I will have to go and take some pics of them sometime and send them to you. Much love my dear, XOXO ~Bettie the toxic

9:36 PM  
Blogger steven garrett said...

we have paintings on ours as well. as a matter
of my aunt was responsible for painting several
of the murals. perhaps i'll get some pictures of

10:51 PM  
Blogger steven edward streight said...

well i [http://www.arttestexplosion.blogspot.com] was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky, at the Army hospital, delivered into this world by a Colonel.

i like your art here and will keep tabs on it.

thanks for dropping a comment on my site.

I'll do a link exchange if you'd like. be sure to check out some of the links on my site, like ada'web and Mark Kostabi and artificial and glowlab.

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