a chuck wagon cook at work...


Blogger j.CEe VEe said...

is this the funnel cake line?

8:24 AM  
Blogger steven garrett said...

maybe so...

Although fried breads of many kinds were eaten by Ancient Romans and Greeks, food historians generally agree the idea of funnel cakes (as we know them today) were probably created in Northern Europe. They are quite similar in recipe and method to fritters, doughnuts , and cryspes. These foods are historically connected with holidays and street fairs. Notes here:

Food historians frequently remind us that recipes often predate their current "popular" names. Such is the case with funnel cakes. Modern dictionaries and food references generally place "funnel cakes" in the 20th century. Culinary evidence confirms the recipe is much older.

The oldest authentic German recipe we have for an item that would create what we now call "funnel cakes" is from 1879. The original cookbook is in German. Gisela Harpell, one of our colleagues at the Morris County Library, was kind enough to offer this translation:

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