this is what i would have been...circa long ago

CHUCK WAGON COOK: On the old time cattle drives, the cook was sometimes an aging cowboy hired for his ability to drive a wagon more than his cooking skills. He was in charge of the wagon and everything related to it. Because the success of the camp and the drive depended greatly on them...they were paid double the wage of a cowhand-around $30-$50 a month. Chuckwagon Cooks often acted as barbers, bankers, dentists, doctors and teamster to the cowboys in their crew. Other names for cooks were: dough-puncher, pot-rassler, beanmaster, biscuit-shooter, dough-belly, belly-cheater or just plain "cookie." Ranch cooks today still command a great deal of respect and many expect a certain strict etiquette in their vicinity.

looks as if it is still possible to be a chuck wagon cook....
so if any ranchers read this....i'm ready to work..


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