alas a mess story

shiver the star does
when it runs out of
gases like a car wounded
in traffic or a puppy
mangled for a life
time buy some protection
four in a row died tragic
folks died two leaving
nothing but hopelessness
behind which i suppose that
is something being that it
is a being that is very much
wanting and wading through
to get to the top of the
bottom of the misery it
has known nothingness
cradled forever buy a strong
force field a pungent odor
permeating the post you know
when that day that was long
ago witch one they were all
bad very few good ones in
the mean time being overly
appreciated for their own
reluctance breathing deeper but
not better chocking on the vomit
that came from the vomitorium
i grew up in a world of mercy
now I'll die in a world of despair
disappear i hope i do when the
load is heavy and fear is the least
of our worries get in line the lions
are hungry waiting to chomp at
the bit drill bit cutting holes in
the atmosphere will let the air
out and the space in clambering
colorlessly for nothingness
again caged in by the cataclysmic
results of a reluctant pursuit of
probably daydreams focusing on
being paranoid instead of pride
void of voice and misconstruing
meandering meagerly for a moment
the momentum is slowing as we
are growing older some wiser
some shrinking thinking not much
left too rot like the sandwich you
got and didn't like spit it out
for the ants extra change feeling
your pants gets you there but
not home i have no home rome
when in doubt it's cold remedy is
close figuring for the most least
you could do is be aware settle down
somewhere not there anywhere but
there closing in on the mark
missing it buy a mile for litters
sake make it your row front
row were it is loudest you can
get spit on like the side walk
in the place you like the least


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