I finally...

got a job. I once promised myself that I would never work in the restaurant industry again,but when cooking is the only thing I can put on my application then what else am I to do? So the wait has paid off. I start my new job tomorrow at the fanciest place in this small town. I'll be working the lunch shift:making the various salads and desserts. Then when I'm not doing that I'll be doing some prep for the supper shift. I'm a little nervous because the chef was trained at the Culinary Institute of America(also known in the culinary world as the C.I.A)... I hope he teaches me loads of new techniques and tricks. More than anything I hope he pays me well, because I've already made a mental note of the things I'm going to purchase. Since mine was stolen:a new electric guitar-an orange fender toronado. Orange toronados are hard to find,because that color has been discontinued. You have no idea how hard it is to find an orange guitar. I did find an acrylic (clear) one with an orange tint. it was a cheapo, but it was a neato. I think that is all I want. O wait...Maybe I'll get myself a hooker or three. Two black ones and an Asian or Caucasian. It's been a while..Plus I'm kind of lonely. Just kidding I have never been with a hooker, maybe a few sluts,, butt no hookers. Oh I know what else I want: a record player and some software that allows me to burn DVD's. Maybe I'll buy myself some new clothes since everything I own either has paint on it,a hole in it,or both. Well that is all I can think of for now. I hope all is well.


sometimes you just have to put an end to things.

I think Hunter had the right idea and i don't fault him for his choice. This world sucks and isn't showing any signs of getting much better. I'm hoping and wishing that he's left behind a brilliant thought provoking suicide note/letter/essay. If not,then he's missed a damn good oppurtunity to ruffle some more of the right-wing feathers:which he had such an incredible knack for doing. On the other hand,maybe he didn't need to write a suicide note/letter/essay at all. Perhaps his silence says it all and provokes even more thought. but thankfully his words will be here forever...i insist that you read them! if you are a writer:learn from him..but don't even try to write like him. Folks have been trying to do this for years. readers and teachers will see right through you. he's gone(and on his own terms) but never forgotten!


I hate when...

Folks are talking about how they turned
their lives around and made things much better.
they often misuse the expression I did a 360* w/my life.
anyone with half of a brain should be able to
realize that a 360*... Gets you right back where
started..Hence you have not changed.
For those of you who don't know, if you have changed
your life completely it's called doing a 180*. I'm aware
that the few readers I have are already in the know.
Please..let this be a reminder to you to correct
anyone you catch saying they did a 360*
that they in fact did a 180*. Basketball players are exempt
from the 360* bashing..As a matter of fact you should
probably complement them on their game...Maybe
boy I remember when you couldn't do that 360*.
you really did a 180* with your game..When you pulled
off the 360*.
O...I forgot...skateboarders you are also
exempt-hell you do 720*s and 900*s...I guess 360*s are so

lame now...Shit and figureskaters and surfers
Um.. if you think of anyone else...add em!

I also hate when people say: "that is real nice..."
"she is real pretty" Folks it is "she is really nice...Or
"that is really nice.." I mean the opposite of "real nice"
makes more sense..."She is fake nice.." Anyway
it's been a real long time since I last wrote. ha
I mean: it's been a really long time since I last wrote..
so I thought I would do some really real writing.

until next time keep it real...i'm trying however
i'm several degrees away from my 180*..



Ernest Hemingway Mario Puzo H.G. Wells Arthur Ashe Ty Cobb James"Buster"Douglas(kicked mike tyson's ass) "Smokin'Joe Fraiser Catfish Hunter Jackie Robinson Sugar Ray Robinson Adolph Rupp Johnny Cash Carol Channing David Crosby MommaCass Elliot Freddy Fender Ella Fitzgerald Mick Fleetwood Jerry Garcia Dizzy Gilespi Tiny Tim Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan B.B. King Mahalia Jackson Waylon Jennings Patti Labelle Peggy Lee Andrew Lloyd Webber Loretta Lynn Elvis Presley Neil Young Jack Benny Halle Berry(hottest diabetic) Wilfred Brimley Delta Burke James Cagney Nell Carter Jackie Gleason George Lucas Mary Tyler Moore Minnie Pearl Elizabeth Taylor Spencer Tracy Mae West Thomas Edison Bill and John Davidson(Harley-DavidsonMotorcycles) Howard Hughes Paul Cezanne

Elda Bani -- South African Anti-apartheid Detainee Gerald Birnbaum -- Medical Doctor Imposter Blondin -- first person to cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope Ron Brown -- 1st Employee of June Bierman's Sugar Free Center Ralph Bunch -- Nobel Peace Prize Winner, U.N. Diplomat Steven Craig -- 1st recipient, Vivorex Co. islet cell transplant Jeanne-Marie Gagneux -- Marijuana Smuggler John Grant -- Social Worker, longest-lived diabetic Tim Hildebrandt -- Illustrator, Star Wars promotional posters Trevor Huddlestone -- Angelican Bishop Cardinal John Krol -- Roman Catholic Archbishop, Confidant, Pope John Paul II Madalyn Murray O'Hair -- Famous U.S. Aetheist Jimmy "The Greek" -- Las Vegas, NV Oddsmaker Magnolia Thunderpussy -- '60s Restaurateur Helen Waterford -- Nazi Holocaust Survivor Steven Garrett Holbrook--painter/poet/pauper

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27in x 20in acrylic on wood...for sale/best offer

My First Big Concert...What a thriller!

It was 1984...I was 8 years old and Michael Jackson was pre-WACKO/JACKO. My dad-mom-sister-aunt-cousin and 85 year old papaw all piled in the van(singing and dancing the whole time) and headed for Knoxville TN. The JACKSONS were no longer the Jackson 5..Because they had added randy:who was too young to be in the J5. This was my first exposure to lasers and lots of black girls. It was amazingly amazing..They did the old J5 songs..Then... Michael sang some of his songs(beat it-Billie Jean-Thriller-Don't stop till you get enough-Rock with you...) School started a few days later. My teacher asked us to share our summer adventures with the class. You should have seen their reactions when I said "I went to see Michael Jackson" even the teacher's jaw dropped. Remember this was in 1984...Before... Well.. You know. I'm kind of ashamed to admit it..But for the longest time..In the event of a house fire... I kept my duffel bag(which I got at pizza hut during the trip)that had my Jacksons souvenirs and my baseball cards
on top of my television...So I could grab it and jump out the window...Fortunately the fire never happened. The duffel bag is long gone.. However the souvenirs and the baseball cards are tucked away somewhere in my parents attic.


vegan porn