My First Big Concert...What a thriller!

It was 1984...I was 8 years old and Michael Jackson was pre-WACKO/JACKO. My dad-mom-sister-aunt-cousin and 85 year old papaw all piled in the van(singing and dancing the whole time) and headed for Knoxville TN. The JACKSONS were no longer the Jackson 5..Because they had added randy:who was too young to be in the J5. This was my first exposure to lasers and lots of black girls. It was amazingly amazing..They did the old J5 songs..Then... Michael sang some of his songs(beat it-Billie Jean-Thriller-Don't stop till you get enough-Rock with you...) School started a few days later. My teacher asked us to share our summer adventures with the class. You should have seen their reactions when I said "I went to see Michael Jackson" even the teacher's jaw dropped. Remember this was in 1984...Before... Well.. You know. I'm kind of ashamed to admit it..But for the longest time..In the event of a house fire... I kept my duffel bag(which I got at pizza hut during the trip)that had my Jacksons souvenirs and my baseball cards
on top of my television...So I could grab it and jump out the window...Fortunately the fire never happened. The duffel bag is long gone.. However the souvenirs and the baseball cards are tucked away somewhere in my parents attic.


Blogger samantha fay said...

gosh, you are so lucky! i got to go to the chipmunks on ice while you were seeing mj perform thriller. don't get me wrong, i love the chipmunks and all but geez.

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