sometimes you just have to put an end to things.

I think Hunter had the right idea and i don't fault him for his choice. This world sucks and isn't showing any signs of getting much better. I'm hoping and wishing that he's left behind a brilliant thought provoking suicide note/letter/essay. If not,then he's missed a damn good oppurtunity to ruffle some more of the right-wing feathers:which he had such an incredible knack for doing. On the other hand,maybe he didn't need to write a suicide note/letter/essay at all. Perhaps his silence says it all and provokes even more thought. but thankfully his words will be here forever...i insist that you read them! if you are a writer:learn from him..but don't even try to write like him. Folks have been trying to do this for years. readers and teachers will see right through you. he's gone(and on his own terms) but never forgotten!


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