squier(by fender) telecaster custom

A value-priced(for my broke azz) version of a classic TeleĀ® design.
This limited-run Tele fuses design elements from two of most popular Telecasters: a '72 Tele Custom and a Tele Deluxe.

the Features(a swell band too) of this guitar are as follows: Agathis body, maple neck with maple fretboard, 25-1/2" scale length, medium-jumbo frets, and 2 humbuckers with independent controls.
What is Agathis? Agathis is the name for a genus of GIANT tropical conifer trees found in rain forests in the tropical far east and the southwest Pacific. The genus is a member of the Araucariaceae, the plant family which includes the monkey-puzzles and Cook-pines as well as the recently discovered Wollemi Pine, a botanical "living fossil" from New South Wales in Australia. The Araucariaceae belongs to a group of plants known as the conifers, which also includes the pine family (pines, spruces, larches, firs, cedars), the podocarp family (podocarps, kahikatea, totara, etc.) and the cypress family (swamp-cypresses, giant sequoias, junipers & cypresses). The timber is immensely useful and is increasingly used, or so it would seem, for making guitars.
it should be in my hands by the middle of next week. just one more reason for me to stay locked in my room. not to mention about 200 reasons to go to work. i've been sleeping w/my gibson acoustic..i may kick her out of the bed for a few nights when this ol' gal gets into town.
i'm sorry if my guitar was part of the destruction of rainforest. if by some crazy chance i make a load of money with it or by any other means. i'll plant 679 more trees in the rainforest to replace the one they took out to make this guitar. o the maple trees..mmm maple syrup.. i forgot about the maple. i will plant some maple trees too! pinky swear


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