the concept of the next...by:j.c.v.

religions all need confusing and contradictory rules... not that i want a religion or anything.... but if i did... it would go a little like this.... well of course it would vary with my mood... as this does

....so it's time to make the rules to break
... ... legend has the enthusiasm and beauty of a lie with about half the morality.... enemies are rarely as close as they appear, when you are uneasy.... much can be made from a mood, as long as you don't fight it... be highly aware that belonging is just a way to mock the mixture.... contrast is often invented by the ones who intend to show it.... action is not from the source, but the source it's self.... memory is nearly always worthless; better that it fails you than haunts you....
pixilated shall be the only description i can claim for my own.... steep is something someone sold you... dear is more than you can bear.... existence is slang for this shit...style is function minus the flow.... the orange angel can sleep anywhere.... flight is a different kind of fight.... grey eyes are great.... velocity is often as hard to gauge as a girl....penetration is rarely this pretty... posts are for leaning or chopping down.... sickness is something else they sold you on... wisdom is often humorless and full of hate... morning is always too soon... obstacles are employed because it is easier... sad is not just another state like solid.... some things smell really good sometimes....recalling anything is 90% invention, 10% desperation....religion is funny and all but the religious are down right scary.... all joints shall be passed to the left.... conventions are for Shriners, we will stick with habits... there are way too many breakfast cereals... prepare for nothing until you are absolutely forced into doing so.... none of us mind being objectified as long as we are not typecast.... understanding is laughable.... detachment is only a dream... indiscretions are some of our most noble acts... tranquility is the bastard son of boredom... ghosts are not real(see any scooby doo episode) but they are fun to believe in while it is dark out... plain is rarely plaid.... injury is respected above ability... never drink beer after drinking wine(trust me)... birds are luckier than you and i, as they can fly... quill pens are coming back...the non-erratic’s is a good name for a band but it is taken already so don't even think about it.... dispute all instructions... inspect it all thoroughly before you leave... thousand island contains ketchup... using the _expression "tits mahogany" implies something is the shit.... there is much to be said but little meaning will be obtained....
competition is for kids… criticism has never been worth anything and shall never attain that lofty position(the fucks that say otherwise just want to bitch because hate and or love themselves way too much for this world to normally take)…

and finally

the bill of ripe(maxims that the mood made)

1.the greatest strength sometimes is found in shutting up...especially for j#3.
2.there is really only one way to test out a bed.
3.jumping off or on is easier than going around... but not as scenic.
4.both waiting and wanting can wear your ass out.
5.acclaim announces it’s self with it's stench... and embraces us all in it's reckoning.
6.people with absolutely nothing at all are able to celebrate anything better.
7.the way to accomplish maxim # 2 does NOT involve sleeping in any form or fashion.
8.we are all designed alike initially... something magical happens along the way... hopefully.
9.blessings are often ignored.... even the best ones.
10.excess only rots and rots... (even the finest fabric)
11.brave people don't take things from people who need them.
12.the taste of truth can take some getting used to... just like the dark .... or dark beer.
13.it is better to see the wrong than to trip over yourself committing it in the dark.
14.the harsher the climate... the more beautiful and complex the protection provided will be.
15.use pens when you aren't sure... pencils when you are very.
16.tact holds little weight; when it gets another person killed.
17.ornaments aren't always seen as such. this is both right and wrong.
18.all of our aims are a little off... i'm afraid.
19.dazzle and daze all decay.
20.it is easy to make up 20 silly statements... just hard as hell to remember them later.


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