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well well...since i haven't written in forever..i think i will update you 10 or so folks that read and look at this rubbish. lets go back to a couple of weeks ago when i had the last art show of my 20's. for i will be hitting 30 next month. lets just say i'm not looking forward to it. not because i'm getting old, but because the goals (which were lofty) that i had set for myself..have barely been reached. anyway back to the art show...which was one of my goals..to sell paintings..which i did ...10 in fact. i made some money,but i wanted to get freakin paid. guess that will happen if i die. who knows i may never paint again. i'm thinking about retiring and doing something else. i want to be an actor...but i'm not sexy enough..plus i'm too fucking shy..guess that is why i paint...or did paint. so anyway even though i'm not looking forward to this 30 thing..i think i'll embrace it and shoot for some change...maybe save money, drink less, stop doing as many drugs as often, semi-manage my diabetes, fall in love(any takers), um move somewhere exciting ( the hills are only fun for so long)...um maybe even exercise. anyway that is boring. this was a fun weekend...i went to the sticks for a family reunion. not my family(we don't have reunions) i went to the evan's family reunion in greenup ky. it was fun fun fun...everyone there plays guitar or banjo or drums or harmonica..etc etc...they don't mess around either...they are pros freaking playing everything from ol' bluegrass to the rock and the roll. my friend joe he's a human radio. he played gram parson's (and the flying burrito bros.) as we sang together. it sounded good...but hell i was wasted. i hadn't drank that much since i went on my senior trip to myrtle beach. get up drink...go to sleep drunk...get up drink...then sleep in the car...anyway is this boring yet? i don't care i had fun...it was good to be around such lovely people. all i know is sonja makes the best couch bed ever..thanks for that...amy she has the best teeth and eyes i've ever seen...honest. robin makes some mean pasta....yes robin you were right i shouldn't have put that spinach in before the onions were carmelized....and joe i shouldn't have said what i said(black girls are my fav...)...if anything i learned to keep my mouth shut...o and jason i'm glad you wore the shirt this year and not me...you make me laugh...anyway i was sad to leave....but i'll be even happier to come back. thanks again
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j.CEe VEe said...
why don't you tell the mushroom story... i don't know whether to say whee or wooh... but i don't think i have been in the same head space since... and the good lord knows i wasn't that here to begin with!
1:33 PM
Anonymous said...
me neether man...i'm still trying to piece it together and then forget half of that...um we need to do it again earlier and much less shroo,s
9:04 PM
j.CEe VEe said...
much lessindeed!


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