i'm back for a minute

last time i wrote i had just turned 30....well now i'm 31....that is a while between writings. i think so. it's not that i didn't have anything to write about it's just that i...well ok i didn't have anything to write about. i tried the poems and stories....along with various other ramblings....some of it got a response...but not enough...not to my liking..considering millions of people are on the internet....shit..i feel like i'm wasting my breathe again...as some of you know i'm a painter..not a house painter...a painter of canvas. i'm a bitter motherfucker when it comes to the world of art. i imagine i have had 10 or so shows in the past few years...with each one getting more um....looked forward too....i paint i plan i hang..then the opening happens....i get my ass kissed and told how good i am....that doesn't even do it for me anymore....besides i don't pay attention cause i'm not that good...or i would be fucking rich as hell doing nothing but making painting after painting and counting my money.....at one show someone told me my prices were too low....guess what she didn't buy one...cunt. i mean i make some money....enough to buy some blow and a few rounds for my friends.....then i come home thinking where did all of my money go.///o yeah up my nose. end of transmission.